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Vendetta Convention

Jun 22, 2007 LeberMac link
LMAO. Sweet!

It's almost like you MEANT to distract me from... something... I can't remember what it was now, but that pic is TOTALLY awesome!
Jun 22, 2007 upper case link
that was friday morning--last day of wwdc. we were having lunch at the hotel (parc 55 hotel in sf) when something caught my attention up on a legde on the other side of the street.

initially i thought it was pigeons making out until i realized only one bird was being fucked good. the other was just having breakfast.

i snapped a few pictures and also rolled a couple of videos to keep that.

i absolutely adore the blood trails on there. in the video, the crisp images shows the hawk tearing the insides out as it decided to eat it on the spot, given it couldn't take it away because the pigeon was all tangled up in the net, supposedly there to keep birds away from the ledge.