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Vendetta Online on xfire?

Apr 30, 2006 Yuutuu1 link
hey anyone interested in trying to get Vendetta Online to be put on their list of games send an email to

I already sent my email but they probably are looking for a few more people. We should be represented right?
May 01, 2006 ghostieboy link
Well....XFire is only avalible for Windows (maybe linux)

Not much point cause there is a huge magority of Mac members here.
May 01, 2006 Yuutuu1 link
still i think it would be nice to be represented somehow
May 12, 2006 Phaserlight link
Jul 15, 2006 drdoak007 link
why? what is the big ass deal with mass advertising with you people?!?


if you love this game as much as you SAY you do, STOP ADVERTISING FOR IT UNTIL THE DEVS ARE READY!!!

2.0, just let the devs do their thing until 2.0, and for god's sake; IT'S THEIR BABY... LET THEM DO THE ADVERTISING!!!

i love this game, it's a great time-vampire... i love the interaction ingame... i love the interaction inforum... but i know that the popularity of this game is going to grow more than ten fold after 2.0 is released.

stop trying to make this game sound cool to n00bs because the harder you try, the less likely ppl are going to stick around until it's ready. when the dev's miss out on the profits of their hard work... i blame you, the kid who couldn't wait to tell that "secret". blabber-mouth

Jul 17, 2006 Yuutuu1 link
actually i wasn't trying to make the game sound cool i just wanted the game to be listed so other players that are ALREADY in game can use xfire software to chat with friends. I know its a crazy thot
Jul 19, 2006 drdoak007 link
personally, and i think a lot of other players may feel the same...

the INGAME CHAT works pretty good for what it's meant for.