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Dont some people have map's of ores?

Apr 25, 2006 zamzx zik link
And where are they? I can't find any of em'

I'm trying to do the prospective missions and, geez.

anyway, if you know who has the maps, please have em' post the contents here :

for everyone to use ^_^ (at least some of the less-rare roids, like xith)
Apr 25, 2006 MSKanaka link
Most (intelligent) people who have ore maps and trade databases of any sort don't share them without a nice hefty price tag... for the sole reason that sharing this information can cause loss of profit.
Apr 26, 2006 zamzx zik link
can't they post a few of the less-rare ores, like everything below denic?
Apr 26, 2006 terribleCabbage link
Sure. I think there's some carbonic ore in Odia M-14. And Itan J-11, too.

Hope that helps.
Apr 27, 2006 sarahanne link
Zamax, I bet you look for cheats for all your games too.

here's some info for your mineral maps: as far as I know there is Denic, Ishik, Silicate, and Aquean ores in sedina b-8.

but really, there are somethings that many won't post for just any-ole person.

There's a difference between giving some helpful info and removing all work/challenge from an activity.

Good luck finding someone who will fill in all the maps for you, there's 7680 sectors to do.
Apr 27, 2006 zamzx zik link
Ho hum, it was just an idea, since the wiki already has a page for it and stuff.

Really sarahanne, was that needed? if you want to nickpick about me, get ye' complaining rear end to sedina-b8 and I'll let me guns do teh' talking.
Apr 27, 2006 ghostieboy link
I got maps but i ain't giving it to ya :p
Apr 27, 2006 sarahanne link
It wasn't harsh, I was just telling you my opinion.
Apr 30, 2006 moldyman link
For prospecting missions, try station sectors first.
May 03, 2006 jexkerome link
Why do you think those wiki pages are still pretty much empty?

Think for a minute, if you've lived this long it surely means you are capable of it... or maybe you fake it, or you bug people for the answers.
May 03, 2006 zamzx zik link
/me thinks

/me's head explodes

Jex, I'd thought people would be a bit more generous with at least maps of the less-rare ores, for noobs and people who dont mine very much, and need some quick XP.
May 03, 2006 mr_spuck link
hey .. that actually doesn't sound like a bad idea

EDIT: Okay, added a few random ore locations. Most of them are station sectors, well known locations or about which I don'T really care.
May 04, 2006 zamzx zik link
May 05, 2006 Doukutsu link
Some time ago, I had mapped about half of Latos with all the ores... but I lost the list. I'll have to go find it again...
Sep 20, 2006 drdoak007 link
there's one helio roid in m13. since the sectors are going to be changing soon anyways, you can have that one.
Sep 25, 2006 moldyman link
There's Denic in B-8
Sep 25, 2006 MSKanaka link
Oh, there's lanth and apicene in Odia M-14, but the roids are always hot.
Sep 29, 2006 Aleksey link
Actually not always...
The fastest way to raise miming xp is to go to Odia, equip special beams and mine Apicene and Lanth