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Finished Skins

Apr 10, 2006 slime73 link
I love your skin so much, Luis! I wish I could be half as good as you.
Apr 10, 2006 Person link
DONE!!! I'll get a link to mine ASAP. Man, if only I had Luis's uberpwnagegraphics skillz, mine WOULD be a skin to make the Serco nation proud, but alas, it's just one to keep them from the hideous disgrace of a predominantly blue UI.

Apr 11, 2006 mr_spuck link
ok. I'd consider redblood finished now. Still has some minor issues but I don't feel like messing forever with it. :P

edit: updated. just can't resist -.-
Apr 11, 2006 Person link
I'm finally finished with my Serco skin, so here's the link:

I'll probably be updating it throughout the week, so please make suggestions and/or coolify the radar and send me the file. I'm the first to admit the radar is the weakest point.

Hope everyone likes it,

[Uuh-Ooh] LINK NOT WORKING! I'll try and fix it when I get to school, sorry for the delay.
Apr 11, 2006 Blacklight link
A Screenie would be nice :)
Apr 11, 2006 moldyman link
It's very... how would one put this... blue. Perfect for any itani :D

And the file itself:

EDIT: Fixed a root tab problem. Sorry Astaroth :C
Apr 11, 2006 Person link
Ok, here we go:
That should work. I'll get screenies up in a minute

[EDIT] Ok, here's the station screenie:
And the hud screen:
As I said, the radar is cheesy and needs work. If someone could take the idea and coolify it using a better graphics editing program then I have, that would be great.

[EDIT2] I just tried the link, it's not working again. Would someone mind me sending this skin to their site?

[EDIT3] Wtf? The link's working again. Use it while you can!
Apr 11, 2006 slime73 link
Person, it works for me if I copy and paste it into my browser window, but otherwise it just redirects back to here.
Apr 11, 2006 Astaroth link

Cool! And you can see me in the chat!
Apr 11, 2006 Galaxy613 link
Here person, heres a stable link:
Apr 11, 2006 Person link
Thanks Galaxy!

sooo, has anyone tried it yet? Good, bad, terrible?
Apr 11, 2006 slime73 link
IMO the station menus (from the screenshots) need to be a darker red. At the moment it's too bright.
Apr 11, 2006 mdaniel link
Here is my 2nd skin. It's called "Realhud", because it is made to look like a fighter jet HUD.

Looks like this:


Have fun!

M. Duncan
Apr 12, 2006 Person link
Yeah, I'll work on that slime, thanks. Right now I'm concentrating on improving the HUD. Here are some screenshots of the new radar:

I haven't decided yet. What's everyone else's opinion?
Apr 12, 2006 ghostieboy link
The 2nd one looks nice.

Your radar seems kinda big...

heres my finshed (i think) HUD


May us the players of VO take snippets from other peoples HUD to combine with our own HUD for our own use?
Apr 12, 2006 mr_spuck link
Wow .. that green glass is awesome. Especially the hud. :O
I wanted to do a similar reflection effect on my radar but never could get it quite right.
Apr 13, 2006 Snax_28 link
Nice work guys and girls. Nice to see lots of people pumping these out.

Here's my newest. Its the same design as the first, just tweaked the things that I wasn't happy with. I'll post the zip soon as I get a place to put it.

ok, until I get something better, here is the zip:
Apr 13, 2006 Person link
Yeah, I just updated the old version. Same link:

It should be cleaner and the radar is better.

Priapus, I included both radars with this download so people can choose which one to use.

***Known issues***
+Radar isn't perfect
+Station shading could look better

***Short-term goals***
+Fix station interface
+Make radar slightly smaller
+Darken both radar screens

***Long-term goals***
+Design will be more Sercoish, IE, wires all over the place
+Satisfy legitimate suggestions
Apr 13, 2006 Snax_28 link
Apr 13, 2006 Person link
Nice phone for the powerbars, lol.

Hey, quit trying to steal my idea! jk, jk. Competition is healthy.