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Unknown System: Minor Details

May 30, 2020 Sankumo-san link
With a New System being discovered, I've decided to take a moment and try to guess and showcase some of the more minor aspects of the new system.

System Name: None, Proposed Placeholder Name is "Gisha" (after the pilot who discovered the hidden wormhole leading to the system)

DISCLAIMER: I am not an Astrophysicist, so take whatever scientific fact listed in this post with a grain of salt

Star: The Central Star is possibly an M-type Red Dwarf, with an estimated surface temperature 3,600 Kelvin. I can only provide a guess of the stars' mass. Most likely somewhere between 0.12 to 0.16 Solar Masses.

System: The System consists of 2 planets: A rocky, volcanically active planet with a 9 layer ring. And a gas giant with a 5 layer ring.

Planet 1:
Name: None, proposed Placeholder: Gisha I

Planet 2:
Name: None, proposed Placeholder: Gisha II

The System has a single Asteroid Belt located 3 sectors away from the parent star.
Additionally, there are 3 Asteroid Groups beyond the main Asteroid Belt, made up by a mix of Ice Crystals and Contemporary Asteroids

The Mineral Properties of the Asteroids have not been investigated as of the time of this posting.

The System has an alarming Hive Presence, with some sectors having literal swarms of Hive Bots. Arklan and Milanar Guardians are prevalent, alongside Artemis Collectors and Dentek Assaults, with the occasional Aerna Transport/s. Pilots are advised to come with either an escort and/or be ready to bug out in the event that one warps into a Hive Infested Sector (if you are willing to fight, feel free, it is a target rich environment).

The System has absolutely ZERO Space Stations for one to dock and repair in. As such, it is expected that pilots enter the system in pairs, with one carrying a Repair Module for emergency repairs. Even better, it is suggested that pilots enter with a Capital Ship to facilitate repairs.

Feel free to add anecdotal or important information for other pilots in the replies, in the event that they manage to find the wormhole and enter the system.
May 30, 2020 ksteel81 link
I propose naming a planet after Luxen as he was the first person to actually enter the system

-"Gishilrok-Ta Malus"
May 30, 2020 We all float link
I propose the system be named after the yet unnamed gravity surveyor. None of this would be possible without his great bravery.
May 30, 2020 CrazySpence link
I propose we leave it Unknown system for at least 10 years to match the CONQUERABLE STATION's generic name for over 10 years
May 30, 2020 Luxen link