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The Deneb Run 5/24/2020

May 19, 2020 nycblkboy link
Akan II is proud to bring you The Deneb Run this weekend. I wanted to do this before the free time ended June 1st. (Yes I'm currently a real subscriber :) ) I've modified the lastest rules and

*** The TENTATIVE TIME will be 4PM Eastern Daylight Time,1PM Pacific, 8PM Sunday May 24th GMT (Or 20:00) ***

*** Please take note of the modified rules! ***

The race progress announcements will be announced on Channel 500

All citizens are welcome to race, there is no entrance fee, and 6 Million credits in prizes are available. Some of it could be yours! If I get any sponsors the prize money will be increased.

Once again, the rules are:

1) Racers must race from Odia M14 through Deneb heading clockwise back to Odia M14.
2) Race starts in Odia M14 near the station.
3) There is a maximum eight-racer limit (seven if there is only one MC), or four racers per group. This is to allow the MCs to actually be able to MC the race and keep track of all the racers. Spots are first-come, first-served, with a priority on those who post to this thread. The group sizes may be increased if the MCs can handle it and there is enough interest in a given week.
4) Contestants must be within 100m of the MC(s) before the start
5) No shooting before the race starts.
- Depending on the severity of the infraction, and at the host's (or hosts') discretion, violation of this rule can result in not only a disqualification for the current race, but also a ban from winning prize money as either a racer or an anti-racer in future Deneb Runs.
6) You die and you're out (so no /exploding)
7) All weapons and ships allowed, except those listed in #11.
8) First person to get back and dock at Odia M14 wins the first prize. (3 million credits)
9) Second person back gets 2nd place prize (2 million credits)
10) Third person back gets 3rd place prize (1 million credits)
11) Valkyrie ships are not allowed. (This is an old rule because not everyone has access to the Valkyrie)
12) Attempting to trigger a false start of the race is grounds for disqualification.
13) docking at stations to heal is allowed.
14) Money for killing other racers: Any pilot, racing or not, is eligible to earn money as follows:

Pre-condition #1: There must be at least 3 racers
Pre-condition #2: Less than 3 racers complete The Deneb Run
If the above pre-conditions are met, the undistributed prize money will be awarded to those who killed the racers as follows:
- Kills in the Odia M-14 sector are not eligible
- The most recent eligible kill earns the highest unawarded prize money (3 mil, 2 mil, 1 mil, or 0)
- The 2nd most recent eligible kill earns the 2nd highest unawarded prize money (2 mil, 1 mil, or 0)
- The 3rd most recent eligible kill earns the 3rd highest unawarded prize money (1 mil or 0)

Please reply to this thread if you intend to race. Also, let me know if I should change the date or times. This should be a long weekend for most Americas so we could have it on Memorial Day. I suggest you practice before the race, especially if you haven't done it before.

Good Luck!

---- Akan II (JB) aka Jestatis Bess
May 19, 2020 Conductor link
I plan on racing.
May 24, 2020 nycblkboy link
So there on only one racer Conductor of UIT fame. Even though he was the only racer Teni, Bqnzai, maybe zok tried to kill him. Maybe others too.

Official race time: Start time was 20:00:57 UTC Docked at Odia-M14: 20:22:14 = 21:17 mins

Thanks to Remen's racetrack plugin and Luxen for helping me use it. And of course thanks to Cundoctor for running and winning the race. I hope to do this again soon. Maybe right after CSR next week.
Aug 26, 2020 LeberMac link
Jestatis you're back on here? LOL