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Ultimate Wingman Tournament

May 15, 2020 space999999 link
Saturday May 30th, 19:00 UTC

2v2 PVP battles in a standard double elimination. 20-25 mil prize pot to the winning team, along with collectibles and unique items for the top three teams.

You can either find your own wingman, or I can try to pair you with someone who's also looking for a wingman.

Please reply to this thread with your in-game player name to sign up. I'll update with more specifics in the next few days.

Boda Shandis + A Dawg

Free Agents:
Ezra Nightwalker

I hosted a tournament like this back in October 2010, and thought it'd be nice to end the free period with some pvp. Hopefully some vets will come by and we can relive the old days!

May 15, 2020 Luxen link
If i'm able to be online around that time, I can match with anyone who's partner didnt show or last minute attendees. no guarantees, though, family might take up my time slot
May 16, 2020 A-Dawg link
Awesome! I'll try and be there!
May 16, 2020 Inevitable link
Boda Shandis + A Dawg
May 18, 2020 tarenty link
I'll be out of town :( will try to make it if at all possible, but it's unlikely
May 23, 2020 Xeha link
I'll participate.
May 23, 2020 Aryko link
I'll try to be there.

Ezra Nightwalker
May 30, 2020 space999999 link
Unfortunately I'll have to cancel since we won't have enough teams. I'll try to host it again in the next few months or in next free week.