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"Edras Presidential" Election

Jan 09, 2020 Darth Nihilus link
TRI was contacted at the end of last year about an odd job. One that we had never done before, but were willing to give a shot. We were asked by a group of pilots to conduct an election for what they called the "President of Edras". Not knowing what this position entailed, we were a little hesitant, but eventually decided that we had no problems acting as a neutral party for them. Our disclaimer is that we have absolutely no involvement in the affairs of this group, other than simply staging an election for them.

We left the Ballot Box open for a couple months and here are the results:
Total Votes - 107
Knauf - 81
Blaqk - 18
Osto-bo Slan - 1
ChuckSkywalker - 1
Yettena Ralano - 1
the hive - 1
galactica actual - 1
Sonara - 1
CherryPoppins007 - 1
Breazle - 1

Congratulations to Knauf! Not sure what you've won, but apparently 107 other pilots do.

On a side note, let TRI know if you'd like for us to conduct your election as well!
Jan 12, 2020 greenwall link
so knauf got 81 votes from unique individuals?
Jan 15, 2020 xDraenoRx link
this is totally staged for Knauf, Breazle didnt even run for the position. tsk tsk
Jan 15, 2020 Luxen link
Matrix, it was an open vote system; one where you add your nominee even if they weren't running. I'm surprised pilots didn't try voting for explicatives, actually.
Jan 15, 2020 Darth Nihilus link
1 pilot, 1 vote.

We don't even know what this election was for, really. We were just asked to host it, being that we are a neutral party. This is just a public announcement of the results.
Jan 16, 2020 xDraenoRx link
I smell dictatorship!!!
Jan 16, 2020 Luxen link
I guess you'll have to talk to Knauf about that?
Jan 17, 2020 greenwall link
well regardless, it's time we all put aside our differences and work together for a better tomorrow
Jan 19, 2020 xDraenoRx link
I like when you are sarcastic Greenwall
Feb 12, 2020 Ore link
Already debunked as fake news on snopes