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Hive Ion Blaster War

Dec 18, 2019 Knauf link
Hive Ion Blaster War

December 27th at 01:30 UTC (game server time) in a bot free, roid filled sector in Sedina.

-Pilots may only arm themselves with the Hive Ion Blaster.
-Pilots may fly any non capital ship (with the exception of the EC88/89)
-Pilots may use any power cell
-Pilots will split into 3 teams(groups) according to their nation. (There is no grey team)
-Please be on time
-You may not start fighting until the host signals the start of the battle
-No running from the battle arena
-The last team standing wins
-After you die, you may come back to observe in a EC88/89
-Observers must maintain a safe distance
-Prize is only distributed to those on the winning team who survive and will be handed out at the end
-Pilots who kill those on their own team are disqualified from receiving a prize.
-Have fun!

Knauf has donated 20 mil credits to the winning team. Donations are being accepted to increase the pot.