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NewYears PvP Free for all Bash!!!

Dec 17, 2019 PyRiEl link
LEWD would hereby like to sponsor and Host A new years Pvp free for all event everyone is welcome to attend. There will be no entry fee and any ship/weapon setup is allowed. Players with the most kills within the time frame win. Location of the event will be given out the day of the event. Prizes:: 1st 20m 2nd 5m 3rd 2.5m any donations towards this event will be applied to and raise the prize amounts. Event will be held New Years day time will be announced Christmas day.
Dec 25, 2019 PyRiEl link
PvP Free for all will Take place on New Year's day at 20:00 GMT. We will announce the location 1 hour in advance of start of the event. Hope to see you all there.
Jan 01, 2020 PyRiEl link
1st Annual [LEWD] PvP Free For All scores:

1st Place: Nahin Lor: 57,

2nd Place: xDraenor Matrix: 30,

Tied for 3rd place:
Robert Sharp: 10,
Nyscersul: 10,

Other Participant Kills
Behoos: 4,
EARL: 2,
Tasyl: 2,
ravenstorm85: 2,
Ghenghis Kahn: 1
Jan 01, 2020 xDraenoRx link
Thanks for hosting :D