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Welcome to the 'Strife Dash' racing competition.

Dec 09, 2019 Knauf link
The Strife Dash is a point based racing competition composed of 21 racing events starting during vet/free week 2019/4447. The competition will include 12 moth races (probably set up in three 4 week groups). Four goli races, three bus races, and two CSRs (maybe a single CSR and a Deneb run). The first place finisher in a race gets 20 points, second place finisher gets 15 points, third place finisher gets 12 points, forth place finisher gets 11 points, at which point it reduces by 1 point down to 10th place. Anyone who finishes after 10th place gets a point. DNF/DQ's get 0 points.

There will be rewards for the top racers at the completion of the 21 races. Furthermore , the top 10 racers will compete in a championship race during vet/free week 2020/4448.

Results will be posted at
Dec 09, 2019 greenwall link
If you get 10 people to participate in 21 races I will be very impressed.
Dec 30, 2019 Knauf link
The first two races of the series have been completed. I don't have the full details of who competed in the CSR though. Current rankings are here: