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TRI Assists GREY with Conq Stations

Dec 01, 2019 SkinWalker link
This is the sort of thing TRI has become! No longer the "neutral" entity of Greyspace, they've chosen their friends poorly.

Below are images that show Phantom with the TRI guild tag.

After an offer to reveal this information to TRI officials today was refused while I was conducting my day-to-day business in FAMYspace, it was clear that this is the current norm. When Phantom was observed, the supposed restriction on taking stations was brought to his attention and he replied that he didn't care.

Since all offers to exchange this information for a reasonable finder's fee were rejected, it is hereby posted publicly for all to witness. Shugi Bear could have had this info for himself and his TRI leadership in private.

Dec 01, 2019 Luxen link
I said it in guild chat and i'm saying it again here: From now on, if any pilot is caught contesting stations with a TRI tag, there will be no more warnings, you're just out. I am NOT going to let this cycle of reprimanding new pilots every damned week become a common occurance for TRI - its bad for our guild's neutrality and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
please provide picture proof for ASAP action, with a date, for future occurances, on discord to guild admins [preferably me, Shugi, or Nihilus]

in THIS case, i've talked with phantom now [and wasnt very happy with his answer], and any future issues with him will be treated with an instant kick, like any other. the only reason he didnt get kicked by me this time is because I am only now taking this instant kick no conversation stance, but there will be no further allowances.
Dec 01, 2019 SkinWalker link
I feel FAMY should receive a finder's fee for this most valuable intel which placed the immortal and totally respawnable lives of one or more of our pilots in grave jeopardy.

In addition, Shugi Bear insisted that I was concocting this story and even went so far as to say "fake news" when it was brought to his or her attention.

10 million credits will suffice.
Dec 01, 2019 Darth Nihilus link
On behalf of the entirety of TRI, I'd like to thank you for your service of pointing out this dastardly deed carried out by one of our members. At TRI, we don't like keeping secrets. We don't mind this going public, so that everyone can see exactly how we handle these sorts of situations.

This most heinous act did not go unpunished and unanswered. We lashed Phantom10 many times over this. Quite honestly, he is lucky that I wasn't around when it happened or I would have probably kicked him. Our guild will never be willing to defend someone that isn't willing to follow our simple rules.

Apart from this, TRI's longstanding reputation speaks for itself. We are not defined by one member's action. We are defined by our simple and easy to follow charter. It has been the same for a while now and won't be changing any time soon.

For future reference, we do pay for this sort of information. Not to keep it quiet, but more as a reward for reporting. Generally, however, the situations that we pay involve pilots that seem to have TRI's best interests in mind. This does not appear to be the case for you, but if you can make me think otherwise, I'll happily pay you the 10mil credits. If you cannot, then there is no problem. I still sincerely thank you for the report and look forward to crossing paths in the future.
Dec 02, 2019 SkinWalker link
Dec 02, 2019 greenwall link
where is FAMYspace? never heard of it
Dec 02, 2019 DeathSpores link
Nice pull-over YT! Was it your GranMa's last year Christmas gift?
Dec 03, 2019 Mi5 link
I see no evidence linking anything of GREY to TRI. This is just more fake news from Corvus News Network.

Speaks volumes when even TRI is shooting at you.

FAMYspace is what's between YT-1300's ears when JakP and Wash are offline.

Dec 17, 2019 mrl1213 link
(To bring [TRI] down...) Join [TRI], break the rules - smh
I have seen this in the guild I am in from time to time, and I
am not having it there either.

Stand for your values [TRI], and understand you have enemies inside your gate who are wearing your colors. Kick these disrupters with extreme Prejudices. If they wanted to be [TRI] they would follow your rules.