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Remember kids, never pay pirates

Dec 01, 2018 peytros link
Dec 01, 2018 TheRedSpy link
Why would you want to pirate ecka? he's so easy to kill and it's fun to watch him curse gratuitously afterwards.
Dec 02, 2018 IronLord link
Okay so you got him to give You something and you scammed him instead? That's just a prick move. Not pirating
Dec 05, 2018 baxterthecrafter2.00 link
Iron lord, being a pirate does not always mean pay and be let through, you can be a honorable or scum.
Dec 12, 2018 scared star link
yall forget being a PIRATE back then meant your GETTING SHOT AT VIA CANNONBALLS and not a simple "here have some ALE"

hail 300k or die
this is vo

it was more like indirectly when spotted

"Oi yar redcoats, bring me all thee shillings you have or you'll meet Davey jones down under"

the frighten British merchant lucky had some cannons and processes to load and fire at the approaching pirate ship

the pirate ship does the same.

it becomes a battle for either the merchant to escape and attempt to defeat their enemy in a disablement or other way of fashion and the pirate ship battle to eat for another day and be ready for the next battle in a disable the merchant ship style.

so really peytros should of gone classical on ecka and kill his ass in a vo style but had fun with it.

also vo version of pirating

hail 300k or die

"frig off randy" *processes to spam honk while infit turbo to the next warp.*

(did they use shillings during the 1711'ths? been awhile)
Dec 24, 2018 Lord~spidey link
As much as I'm for free gameplay/piracy and all that jazz the Nation War is sacred.

Leave the nation war alone will ya!
Feb 20, 2019 Remen link
"frig off randy" *processes to spam honk while infit turbo to the next warp.*

Oh, I am so "Spam Honking" pirates from now on...

Feb 23, 2019 yodaofborg link
Real pirates do not use the honk plugin :p so feel free!
Feb 23, 2019 Luxen link
I'm a little surprised there isnt a plugin that prevents you from seeing when someone types /me honks in the sector chat.
Mar 02, 2019 vskye link
Meh, they all outta explode.
Mar 02, 2019 yodaofborg link
Mar 24, 2019 SR_7134_HELLCAT link
Honestly i don't have the honk plugin. I've only had it once for like an hour and it got annoying so i deleted it. So now i just have a macro saying /say honks.

Didn't EP have a plugin that autoignored anyone who said "rar"? I'm sure if you just change the highlighted word to "honks" it'd work - unless you didn't want them ignored. Aldo,is there a temp ignore for like 30 minutes? If not then there should be. Then this plugin would be great.
Dec 12, 2019 ryan reign link
Damn! Petros, Vyske, TRS, Yoda... I'm getting all nostalgic and homesick!
Dec 15, 2019 vskye link
I'm pretty sure that I've forgotten how to actually play this game after my absence for all these years. I'll be showing up for the free holiday deal, but ya.