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Android plugins!!!

Aug 30, 2011 don661 link
Android plugins... How to install

Huzzah! I have figured out how to install plugins on android tablets (market may be required).

Ok, first if you already have a file explorer ignore step 1, or any thing beginning with (astro users)

Step 1
Go to The android market and search for
"Astro file explorer" (free)
Install it.

Step 2
Open your file explorer.
Open the Vendetta Main Folder
Create a folder named "plugins"   No quotes
(Astro users) (Hold down anywhere on the screen to open a options menu. Press edit, then New folder)

Step 3
The main list of plugins can be found at:

Step 4
Open .ddc main folder (unless you have a SD card)
Open "Download" file
Open the plugins .zip file
Copy the Folder "Main"
Back out to .ddc
Open .ddc again
Open the Vendetta Main Folder
Open the (previously created) plugins folder
Paste the plugins main folder
Back out of .ddc THEN exit (or it won't save)

Step 5a
(if VO is currently running)
On the chat box type /consoletoggle
On the Bottom of the Window Press the highlighted line to open the keyboard
Type /lua ReloadInterface()
(Caps sensitive)
Wait 10 seconds (Window should auto-close)

Step 5b
(If VO is not runnig currently)
Open VO (log in)
Type /consoletoggle
Type /lua ReloadInterface ()
(Caps sensitive)
Wait for window to auto-close
Press quit
Restart VO

Step 6
Have fun
Aug 30, 2011 Pizzasgood link
Need to get slime to update his post to link to this.
Aug 30, 2011 drazed link
/me JUST got a droid tablet, and will eventually be updating targetless to work with these shiny gadgets :)
Aug 30, 2011 don661 link
Targetlless does not work well in sectors with over 7 people. Up to 10 NPCs will work efficiently. Past 10 NPCs will cause overall delay in controls being put to actions. (Around 5 second lag)
The mining portion does not work either.
Sep 01, 2011 yodaofborg link
If you get root user access (even soft) to your Android, plugins should work much better.
Sep 02, 2011 Lord~spidey link
heh cool I'm that with the VO folder access one could use a plugin to change skinfile by editing config.ini through the game, granted you'd have said skin in the vo folder.

/me chinstrokes for a moment thinking about maybe doing this...
Sep 05, 2011 don661 link
Remember that the skins are a little different on android
Sep 07, 2011 draugath link
Step 5b should not be necessary.
All plugins in the plugins directory are processed when the game is started for the first time. You can see this by opening the console.

Step 5a is necessary to force the game to re-process the plugins folder if a plugin was installed or changed while the game was running.

As for the comment about the skins, I'm no expert in that field, but I do know that some of the textures that make up the skins are dynamic and automatically size themselves appropriately. Based on screenshots I've seen, i don't believe there are any new textures for the android version.
Sep 07, 2011 don661 link
Those were the two ways that worked correctly for me. 5b finally worked on the 5th try.. So I copied it.
Sep 27, 2011 drazed link
As promised, targetless now supports android (on tablets anyhow). For details and download visit: []
Oct 19, 2011 don661 link
Still seems to have trouble scanning roids though.
Dec 31, 2011 BADGUYSKI link
i have the folder plugins with droidbuttons within when i do 5b the window does not close.
where does the buttons menu show up if i missed it
Jan 07, 2012 don661 link
If it does not close hit a back button on the devices, or the X on the top right corner of the window after about 10 seconds.

From there the Droidbuttons Will open with:

Jan 10, 2012 draugath link
Could you please remove the misleading statements about specific plugins that "Do not work"? Targetless, for one, has been updated to include touch support in it's interface.
Dec 02, 2012 lisa83616 link
I was able to zip my plugin directory from my laptop, and unzip it on my tablet. Worked fine! I removed targetless because the text was so small I couldn't read it anyway.
Mar 15, 2015 draugath link
Could we please have this thread unstickied? It's information is outdated and the content is poorly worded to boot.