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Vendetta Online 1.8.651

VO 1.8.651 includes:
- Seven new custom-made missions in various trees.
- Daily Trade Report now reports most profitable trade routes for the non-Latos economy.
- Fixed issue with backslash "\" escape code not working in latest LuaJIT.
- Linux version now uses X RandR extensions to enumerate full-screen display modes in addition to the historical XF86VidMode extension.
- Fixed issues with transitioning between window and full-screen modes on Linux.
- Added some common window-mode resolutions to the Linux version if they aren't found.
- Mitigated problem with large-inventory player-capships under attack: optimized updating of UI tree-control lists, including the player's inventory list.
- Fixed issue with player-owned remote capships not persistently dying after being destroyed by strikeforce.
- Fixed incorrect timestamp in Chat Abuse Report menu.

Larger projects continuing in the background. Please continue to post any problems on Bugs, or potential improvements on Suggestions. Have a great weekend!