Server Side Update

Tonight's server update includes the following change:

- Exploits involving disconnection or duplicate-reconnection during mid-jump, usually for the purposes of avoiding a pursuing attacker, have been more extensively mitigated. Some of these mitigation techniques are old, some are new, but we've gone to some lengths to make them more consistent and robust for both Fighters and Capital ships:

* If a player disconnects mid-jump, a "proxy" ship controlled by the remote sector will be spawned in their place (with their ship and cargo), and will remain there until timing out normally (1 minute for fighters, 5 minutes for capships). This proxy ship may not spawn until up to a minute after the player's jump, so if another pilot is in hot pursuit, and then finds their target has "disappeared" during jump, the pursuer should have patience for up to a minute.

* Attempts at duplicate-reconnection to knock off existing connections while mid-jump will immediately spawn the replacement proxy ship in the destination sector, until the second player connection is able to establish control.

* In all cases, a disconnection mid-jump will always result in the disconnected player being placed in the destination sector.

* In all cases, if the disconnected user should re-connect while the proxy ship is "standing in" for them, they will re-establish control of their ship.

This kind of development will be on-going, as we look to shore up and improve some areas of gameplay prior to the launch on Steam. As always, feedback is welcome, particularly if Bugs are found (please post to the Bugs forum, or submit via Support Tickets if you think there is a risk of bug exploitation). Thanks all!

Vendetta Online 1.8.447

VO 1.8.447 includes:

- Added Buddy Invite and Accept buttons to Comm's Buddy/Group tab. The Accept menu gets auto-filled in with the most recent inviter's name.
- Added a /toggleturbo bindable command to toggle turbo. The toggle gets cleared when releasing the normal Turbo or Activate keys.
- Sector Notifications now filter out Robot and Turret ship types.
- Added GearVR controller help menu when launching.
- If input binds accidentally get deleted, the defaults are now loaded.

A few more small improvements and enhancements. The "toggleturbo" bind should fit most cases when people want to "lock" turbo into an active state. Some of the other enhancements will hopefully help VR players.

Vendetta Online 1.8.446

VO 1.8.446 includes:

- Enhanced gamepad support across all Android platform devices. The "sensitivity curve" of the analog sticks are now defaulting to a different, improved curve, but can be switched back to "linear" (previous default) or "cube-root" alternative curves. This should enhance flight control when using gamepads on Android devices. There is also now a slightly larger default "dead-zone" for game controllers, which should help situations where game controllers have manufacturing flaws. If necessary, the dead-zone of the analog sticks can now be adjusted in Options -> Advanced -> Controllers -> Calibration.
- Auto-jettison will no longer print spurious errors when using multiple mining beams.
- Proximity Notification will now properly show the Nation and other information about inbound players, under all circumstances.
- Guild Tags have been added to Proximity Notification messages.
- Neutron MkIII availability has been adjusted, should now function correctly for those with +600 Valent.
- The enterturret command should now work for all gunners, regardless of whether they're they local ship owner, or were invited, or simply docked.

Hopefully this update will resolve some of the Gamepad frustrations and challenges on Android, although we'll appreciate continued feedback on any problems people encounter.

Otherwise, mostly bugfixes and small improvements of the recent "plugin replacement" feature additions. More news to come, stay tuned!

Vendetta Online 1.8.445

VO 1.8.445 includes:

- New "Sensor Notification" option in the Nearby Ships tab. If enabled it displays a notification when selectable types of ships enter your radar range. It prints the name of the character, their health level and their ship-type to your chat/console display (sometimes only the name). The notifications are bindable and can be toggled with "/sensornotify on" and "off". Custom character names may also be manually entered, using Lua-style pattern matching, to only notify on the presence of specific characters.
- Capital ship turrets have been re-configured to allow easy switching between turrets by the pilot. The currently selected target will be maintained, and turbo status is not altered by switching turrets. The command "/enterturret" can be used, with a turret number as an argument, to enter a specific turret.
- "Auto Route" option added to the Navigation menu. If enabled, it will automatically plot a navigational course to follow the currently selected target, if the target is close enough for their destination to be detected.
- Auto Jettison option has been added to the Cargo tab ("j"), allowing the automatic jettisoning of various types of cargo, which may be configured by cargo type.
- Ship tab has been added to the PDA, with only Groups enabled for editing while in-flight, at the present time. The Addons button is present, but disabled when in-flight.
- Currently selected target is now maintained when launching from a capital ship.
- Neutron MkIII blasters have been moved to Valent stations, requiring +600 standing.

A lot of changes intended to bring some of the commonly-desired "plugin" functionality into the base game client; also making the features more available to players on mobile, where player-created plugins can be challenging to install.

We intend to periodically drop in more batches of functionality like this, in the near future, as we move towards launch on Steam and elsewhere.

Vendetta Online Server Maintenance

We had a lengthy planned Server Maintenance this evening, but the game is now back online. Thanks for your patience.

Vendetta Online 1.8.444

VO 1.8.444 includes:

- Moved the updated Behemoth's turret to the correct position on the rear of the ship.
- Fixed problem with the flight control of NPC Behemoths.
- Improved the handling and navigation of the Capella-based NPCs.

Some important fixes and bugs, along with a lot of server maintenance this past week. We have some much bigger development in the works, which hopefully we'll be able to announce before long. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.443

VO 1.8.443 includes:
- New Behemoth graphical ship assets, across all platforms.

VO 1.8.442.1 included:
- Fixed crashes when viewing a Trident.

A major bugfix earlier this week, addressing crashes for certain Windows players. The new Behemoth asset has been posted in images over the last few weeks, but is now integrated and launched in the game:

We're hard at work on some new developments, which will hopefully be featured soon in the January newsletter! Have a great weekend, everyone.

Vendetta Online 1.8.442

VO 1.8.442 included:

- Gatling Cannon HV shot timeout increased from 3 to 5 seconds, increasing maximum range from about 600 meters to around 1000 meters.
- Avalon Torpedo sound effect has been corrected, the wrong sound had been used since November, due to a bug in a prior release.
- Added enhanced Windows crash reporting, intended to gather more detailed debugging information on the Trident-crash that has been plaguing some players.
- Station Defense turrets will now stay closer to their assigned defensive positions (will go into effect after a server restart, later tonight).

VO 1.8.441 included:

- Improved Mac Updater and updated the icon.

We are continuing to try to debug the sporadic "Trident crash" that is impacting some players on Windows. Hopefully the additional debug information from the crash reporting system will help us track this down.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Vendetta Online website changes.

We've recently updated to the Vendetta Online website to drop support for certain old browser connection standards that are no longer considered secure. The web in general will be phasing out "TLS 1.0" in June of 2018, and we're just getting a little bit of a head-start. Similarly, we have also dropped support for 3DES encryption, which had been kept around for a few people on older browsers.

The Vendetta-Online website is "secure all the time", and has been for some years. Because of this, there is no "un-encrypted" version of the site that can be used by people with older browsers. If a device or browser is too old, it will simply fail to connect to our site at all.

So, if you own an older Android device and find you can't connect to the website using the ancient, built-in "Browser", then consider installing Chrome or Firefox from the Play Store. If you have an old PC or Mac, consider downloading a new browser. There are modern, updated browsers available for practically every internet-capable platform, even MacOS 9 and other "retro" desktop systems. A modern, up-to-date web browser will make your usage of the internet much more secure.

For the average person who is reading this, and isn't using the default browser on a 5-year-old phone: don't worry about this. It probably doesn't affect you at all.

Vendetta Online 1.8.439-440

VO 1.8.440 included:

- Fixed rendering issues with the Trident on DirectX 9.
- The on-phone volume buttons no longer render 2d controls in Daydream VR.
- When changing between left and right hands for Daydream VR controllers, the setting is immediately changed in-game.

VO 1.8.439 included:
- New optional graphical assets for future usage on certain ship types (the new Liveries).
- Improvements to the behaviour of NPCs that are defending others.

We've also recently released the game on the Mac Store, although we're still working through some challenges there with the In App Purchases.

Bigger changes are planned for the near future, including a New Behemoth!

Vendetta Online 1.8.438

VO 1.8.438 includes:

- New Warthog graphics, with much higher polygonal detail and advanced shaders.
- New Weapon: Capital Rail Cannon, 10k damage, 25 grid power, 25,000Kg.
- Capital Swarm Missile damage increased from 850 to 3000, missile timeout increased from 25 to 30 seconds.
- Screamer Rocket energy requirement dropped from 60 to 30.
- Warthog MkII is now available at Sedina D-14.
- Fog has been removed from Sedina H9.
- Fullscreen mode on Mac OS works better with Spaces and switching between apps.
- Fixed certain OpenGL 4 shaders that were not properly renormalizing lighting calculations.

Various gameplay tweaks, plus a cool new look for the Warthog. More information coming soon in the next Newsletter.

If you're playing on the Mac, and have any issues with the new version, please let us know via the Forums or a Support Ticket. We'd like to iron out any Mac issues as soon as possible. Thanks!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Vendetta Online 1.8.437

VO 1.8.437 includes:

- Improved fidelity of the specularity maps used by many recent ships, for systems with GPUs capable of full DirectX 11 support, across Windows (DX11), Mac (GL4) and Linux (GL4). Older GPUs will fall back to alternative techniques.

While this update may not be thoroughly exciting to everyone, it was important to get this in place so we could create new PC "installers" for people to download. The existing ones are quite old and require new users to pull down some big patches, so this will hopefully alleviate that situation.

Additionally, it does also illustrate our moving into higher-fidelity graphics and textures, which should continue to be more evident as we release graphics updates.

There is still a goal for some bigger gameplay changes this month. We have been delayed a little by Mac development (mentioned in the last newsletter), which is also laying the groundwork for the Steam release.

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend.

Vendetta Online 1.8.435-436

VO 1.8.436 included:

- New "Debris Test" sector in Latos D-14. This sector uses new asteroid-style debris, as opposed to exploded-ship and battle debris, but in much the same way these objects are physically interactive. The asteroid-derived debris has much higher mass than the ship paneling, as one might expect, but it will move if struck with enough force. We're still optimizing the performance of these kinds of sectors, to potentially use this type of content more widely in the galaxy.
- Fix for high-resolution asteroid on PC that was not loading correctly.

VO 1.8.435 included:

- New Centurion graphical ship assets, across all platforms.
- Fixed mouselook for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Some small content drops and graphics updates lately. We intend to use the new "physically interactive" debris and asteroid objects much more widely in the universe, but for starters we have to test their impact on server performance, and how they're working for players across different platforms. Hence, releasing them in remote one-off sectors for people to play around with.

More news coming soon. Have fun everyone!

Vendetta Online November newsletter.

For any who missed it in their inbox, you can read the November issue of the Vendetta Online Newsletter here:

It details some of our recent advancements on the iPhone and Mac, as well as graphics changes and gameplay tweaks in the works.

Vendetta Online 1.8.432-434

Tonight's VO 1.8.434 includes:

- New Capella hulk assets.
- New enemy NPCs in Latos F-12.
- Updated test debris sector in Latos F-12, much denser debris (some slower devices may have performance issues).
- Debris chunks are no longer selected when selecting enemy ships.
- Engine performance optimizations for large debris fields.
- Fixed menu problem with lower-resolution Android devices.
- Linux version now properly selects the default desktop resolution instead of 800x600 for new installs.

Previous releases, 1.8.432-433 included:

- Fixed mouse issues when closing the PDA on the Mac OSX version.
- The buzzing sign sounds are now muted when docked to stations.
- Added a $2.99 Bag of 250 Crystals in-app purchase product for Play Store and Apple Store.
- For mobile players, Station Storage rent now costs 25 Crystal per 10,000 CU in addition to credits.
- Lite mode now adds a 50% increase to the maximum amount of daily crystal from NPC kills.
- Fixed wrong menu being displayed after timing out from the server the first time the game is run.
- Updated the initial Tilt/Touch menu on first run to be less confusing.
- Added warnings for new players when attempting to set up a nav route outside of their nation.
- Added HUD warnings when leaving your Capitol system for the first time and when entering nation border wormholes.
- Increased the resolution of the Mic image in the virtual keyboard.

Experimentation with higher density battle scenes continues. I hope you can stop by and check out Latos F-12, it has become pretty dramatic. It may run a bit slow for some people (particularly on mobile or VR), but it is an experimental sector, after all.

But beware! There are some particularly aggressive NPCs lying in wait for unsuspecting pilots to pass through the area.

A lot of other development has been going on, but this NPC and Debris scene was the most we could reliably release tonight. I hope it's fun. Have a great weekend, everyone!