Vendetta Online 1.8.539-540

VO 1.8.540 includes (tonight), scroll down for more details:

- TempKoS status, timers and escalations, are now shared across all factional stations within UIT space. Outside of UIT space, TempKoS status is still per-faction, and not shared.
- Incoming convoys of a faction different from that of the local sector/station no longer fire, within the NFZ, at characters hated by their faction. They will fire back if attacked.
- Fixed issue with trophies and other unique items incorrectly stacking.
- Remote capships no longer wobble when trying to align themselves.
- Navroutes that include the Unknown System now properly load if you've previously visited the system.
- Fixed issue with 'prepare for docking' remote capship not working.
- Fixed memory leak when resizing the HUD or reloading the interface, which may have contributed to recent crashes on plugin-heavy clients.
- Fixed bot pathfinding issues in the Hive Leviathan and other dynamic sectors.

VO 1.8.539 included (a week ago):

- Background can now be disabled in Android.
- Fixed issue with faction penalty being applied when a strike force NPC destroys another strike force NPC while they are targeting you.
- Added error message to character name verification menu if the name doesn't match what was typed in.
- Removed error message when Autojettison is enabled and your remote capship is mining asteroids.
- Added more logging to the Windows version to help track down crashes.
- Fixed issue with players launching from their capship but being spawned at the wrong location.
- Remote capships now stop mining when they are given another command.
- The correct mining beam effect is now used for remote capships when they mine asteroids.
- Remote capships no longer attempt to mine if they don't have a mining beam equipped.
- Launching from your capship now stops any mining in progress.

To clarify the TempKoS change tonight: Basically, the UIT now enforces Temporary Kill On Sight as a "single entity" and not as a whole mix of different individual factions.

For instance: Timed TempKoS status may be acquired by various means, such as killing 3 non-hated players in a Monitored or Guarded sector, within a single 7-day period.

Previously, this would mean you might achieve a TempKoS flag against your character by killing 3 players near TPG stations during that time, but that would make you "unwelcome" near TPG Corp stations, it would not impact your status around stations owned by other factions, even though they were all within UIT space.

Now, all factions within UIT space will accumulate the triggering factors together, and will all enforce the TempKoS status achieved against any one of them, so long as it is within UIT space.

Minor factions, such as TPG, also have stations in Grayspace. Within Grayspace, they will only enforce the factional impacts that are directly held by the individual faction. So, angering TPG will impact whether you are welcome in TPG stations anywhere. But angering the UIT Senate (who only has stations in UIT space) will not impact whether you are welcome in corporate Grayspace stations, even though those same corporations will not permit your presence within UIT space.

At the moment, all of this purely impacts *Temporary* Kill On Sight status. For now, it does not impact the longer-term Faction Standing system, although that may change in the future.

Server Side Updates - Many fixes

A lot of fixes have been made on the server-side over this past week. We started testing them on Thursday, and followed up with more fixes and a full server restart on Friday night. Incuding:

- Fixed bots not attacking player owned capships outside 4000m.
- Standard bots will now correctly limit their group numbers when attacking a capital ship containing targeted players.
- Fixed issue where players launching from their own capship would spawn them in the wrong location.
- Fixed lua error that was causing players to get stuck entering sectors.
- Fixed lua error if a player without a ship died in the capship and a hulk was spawned.
- Fixed bandwidth usage problem in sectors containing many hulks and debris.

Please continue to report any problems on the Bugs forums (or via Support Ticket if exploitable). Thanks, and happy new year!

Server Side Updates - Capship Commands

First a brief recap: Last week we added a server-side update that caused "debris" to drop for capital ships, in addition to the "hulks" that were spawned on-destruction in the prior patch. The debris lasts for 24 hours, much like the hulks.

Tonight we've released a server-side update that enables additional commands which may be issued remotely to Capital Ships. The following commands may be issued to Capital Ships, via /msg, including:

park - Ship will hold position.

follow - Vessel will follow the owner, within the sector. It will not jump to other sectors.

follow "name" - Vessel will follow the given character, within the sector.

defend "name" - Vessel will attempt to defend the character against other Capital-scale attackers.

attack "name" - Vessel will attack other capital-scale ships, using only its primary equipped addon.

cease fire - Ship will cease any weapons fire and park in place.

patrol - Vessel will fly a circle through preset points in the given sector, it will not defend itself.

prepare for docking - Ship will turn the primary docking bay towards the location of the owner at the time when the command is issued. It will not "track" the owner's ship. The command can be issued multiple times if adjustments are needed.

mine - The vessel will mine using a mining beam equipped in the primary port. If the owner has a specific asteroid targeted on radar, the ship will mine that asteroid. If no asteroid is selected, then the capship randomly chooses an asteroid to mine (within 6km of the center of the sector).

All of the above commands will temporarily cease operation if the sector goes into an "offline" state, after the last player leaves the sector. Mining, patrolling and combat are not "simulated" in non-running sectors for player capital ships, at the moment. Whenever the sector is started again, by a player being present, the capital ship will be re-instated with whatever commands were last issued, and will pick up where it left off. Thus, a player will need to be present in a given sector for the capship to meaningfully mine, for instance.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.537-538

VO 1.8.538 (tonight) includes:
- Some capital ships now leave behind hulks when they explode, which persist for 24 hours in the universe. Hulks do not appear in sectors with stations.
- Unaligned pirate capital ships now patrol the debris field, instead of staying still.
- Blockade convoy capital ships now stay near the wormhole when the sector restarts, instead of always coming in from 5000m.
- Leviathan hive skirmish missions have been reverted to re-starting even if players are in the sector, leading to Queens respawning more often.
- Fixed issue with player capship turret list is sometimes being empty.
- Fixed issue with current ship's weapon group loadout not getting saved and used when buying back your last ship.
- Any changes to weapon groups while in flight are now applied when buying back your last ship.

VO 1.8.537 (last week) included:
- Corrected the Corporate Sector Run 4-hour notification text to say 4 hours instead of 1 hour.
- Corvus Strikeforce should now chase a TempKoS player when they launch from a Corvus station.
- Ship Unequip actions now check for available storage space and prompt to rent more when necessary.

A mixture of fixes and gameplay changes, as we continue to work on larger projects. The "hulk" feature has been a goal for a long time, and has some interesting long-term possibilities, like creating a more persistent history of battles in the game, as well as possible "locations" where people might hunt for drops, items, or special NPCs.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Vendetta Online 1.8.536

VO 1.8.536 includes:

- Triggering of a Strike Force makes all collateral damage done by that Strike Force have factional ramifications for whomever originally triggered the Strike Force, including a self defense flag against whomever triggered the Strike Force.
- All TempKoS timers are now operating on game-time (time spent logged-in, not wall-clock time) and do not end upon death.
- Added ability for players to report spybots using '/report "name" spybot'. The player being reported must be launched in space and located in the same sector as the reporter.
- Added Function and Page Up/Down/Home/End keyboard support for Android.
- Fixed issue with certain correctly-operated player store-bots occasionally being flagged as spybots.
- "Simulated" station-sector convoy traffic will no longer spawn while the sectors contain actual trade convoys, to avoid excessive traffic buildup.

Much of the above changes to Strike Forces and TempKoS come from Suggestions threads that were well supported, please continue to deliver your feedback and ideas there, and we'll keep reading them.

If you run into any problems or Bugs, please let us know via the Bugs forum (or a Support Ticket if the problem is exploitable in some way). Have a great weekend, everyone!

November Newsletter

The latest Newsletter is now out, covering recent changes in Enduring Content, Economy and Trading, updates for Android and Chomebooks, and many other features:

Be sure to Subscribe to the newsletter via your Account Info page, on the website.

Vendetta Online 1.8.535

VO 1.8.535 includes:

- Added support for mouse capture on devices running Android 8 and above. A Play Store App update is required to fully enable the feature.
- Chromebook support has been added, with the latest Play Store app version. Please report any issues on the Bug forum.
- Fixed Corporate Sector Run starting at the wrong time.
- Improvements to server-side performance and optimization.

We look forward to feedback on the Chomebook and Android Mouse Capture support. The latest Newsletter is also out. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Vendetta Online 1.8.534

VO 1.8.534 includes:
- Added Corporate Sector Run Leaderboard to in-game news and the website. These race stats and features will be expanded, in the future.
- Fixed an issue where capship hangars and turret lists were occasionally appearing empty, even when they were not.
- Station Guards in the Conquerable station sectors should no longer report the station is under attack if they ram into asteroids.
- Removed Text To Speech ability from plugin-accessible sandbox.

A lot of other behind-the-scenes development and debugging going on. The Newsletter has been delayed, but is expected to appear in the near future. More updates then. Have a great weekend, everyone, and be sure to stop by for the Corporate Sector Run!

Vendetta Online 1.8.533

VO 1.8.533 includes:

- Asteroid temperatures over 10,000 K are now reset to 10,000 K when the sector reloads.
- Fixed issue with capship speed and energy being displayed as zero in the HUD if the capship is renamed while in space.
- Added ability to continue a mission with the Activate action if the mission is waiting at a 'Continue' prompt.
- Fixed issue with rocket/missile turrets not dealing damage if the player who fired them launched from the capship before they explode.

We had some distractions this week with, administrative player issues cropping up, as well as fixes for bugs, like those above. But, we are still working to forge ahead on newer features and improvements. Be sure to stop by for the Events this weekend; and if you're based in the US, remember to Vote!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Vendetta Online 1.8.532

VO 1.8.532 includes:

- Unaligned Pirate capital ships should no longer follow players into deep space.
- Fixed issue with Enduring History kill count not displaying properly.
- Fixed "Daily Trade Report" not being properly posted in-game.
- Fixed bugs and improved stability of NPC convoys.
- Fixed a rare problem where NPC convoys could excessively pile-up in a sector, under certain conditions.
- Fixed issue with spawning a persistent ship for a player, if a sector lags and the player relogs into a new instance of the sector.
- Improved account-creation flow on the website, made it more friendly to phones.
- Reduced memory and CPU usage of Kourier subsystem.
- Fixed issue with logged-in state of player characters.

Lots of other working going on in the background, both around advances in gameplay, as well as development to enhance the early game experience for new players.

Please continue to keep us post about the bugs you find, via the Bugs forum (several of the above fixes are thanks to player reports), and have a great weekend everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.530-531

There have been a number of fairly significant updates lately. Some of them introduce entirely new features, which merit further explanation and commentary, likely slated for the next Newsletter.

VO 1.8.531 includes (tonight):
- Text-To-Speech feature added for PC platforms. It can be muted in Options -> Audio -> Mission Text To Speech volume.
- Goliath Powercell grid power increased from 55 to 58, per Suggestions thread.
- Added 'Clear A Bind' button to Keyboard menu, so keys and commands can be unbound from each other.
- Efficiency and performance improvements to server-side economy and NPC management systems.
- Missions may now filter availability on whether a station has Capship docking bays.
- Improved error handling and automated reporting of server back-end economic systems.

VO 1.8.530.1 included (last weekend):
- Enduring History is now displayed in the information panel in the Inventory menu.

VO 1.8.530 included (last week):
- Added options in the Buddy Menu allowing the player to toggle whether
buddies can see their Online status on their Active Players web page.
- Fixed incorrect stacking of items in the Inventory menu when sorting
by Type.
- Fixed issue with Strike Force deciding to leave instead of attack.
- Fixed issue with NPCs ending their pursuit when you enter a player-
owned capship.
- New Enduring Content mission, for Trident owners.

Vendetta Online 1.8.529

VO 1.8.529 includes:

- Fixed issue with displaying too many missions in the new System.
- Fixed inaccuracies in the Best Price calculator for the Latos stations.
- Capships can now be renamed when docked.
- Fixed issue with empty Deneb Skirmishes.

There is also some other new functionality in this update, which is still in testing and hasn't been formally released yet. We'll talk about that in a separate post, next week.

Vendetta Online 18.525-528, A new rare drop.

Tonight's release brings a number of tweaks, including a new rare-drop, which will become relevant in upcoming content.
Beyond this, we've also made it easier for former-subscribers to play the game in Freemium mode, even when they have a Capital Ship using up their station cargo space.
You can now see the "Best" prices for goods you're carrying, throughout the entire Galaxy. We're still working on this interface and improving things, but you can expect more tools like this as we evolve the Economy. Obviously, the massive increase in NPC convoy activity (among other things) can attest to the Economy changes that are on-going.
We'll go into all of this in greater detail in the next Newsletter. In the meantime, please keep us posted on any issues you find via the Bugs Forum, as well as ideas on the Suggestions Forum.

We haven't been posting news about patch updates, for a few weeks (development has been very intensive), so please bear with the long list here..

VO 1.8.528 (tonight) includes:
- New rare drop: "Rarified Heliocene Alloy" can occasionally be found from certain NPCs in the Unknown System.
- Fixed error when using In-App Purchasing on Linux platforms.
- Buy-back cost now displays Crystal cost with the Credit cost.
- Fixed issue with the Prediction Monitoring system being triggered when jumping/warping.
- Added recurring Lite membership billing options to the Billing page of the web site.
- Added 12 and 24 month Lite membership Gift Keys to the Billing page of the web site.

VO 1.8.527 included:
- Players are always allowed to switch to a ship they have in storage, even if there's not enough storage space available.
- Players can always purchase a small ship if they don't own any at their current location.
- Players can now activate their capship even if they can't launch with it due to subscription restrictions. This allows the player to remove items from the ship's inventory.
- System best prices now include Galactic best prices and no longer include stations the player can't dock with. The profit/loss replaced the cost. The location is now a shortcut to that system's navmap.

VO 1.8.526 included:
- Additional trade items updated to have "Locally Produced" locations in Nation space, allowing proper fulfillment in the new Latos economy.
- Latos economy is now updating and engaging traders more often, both players and NPCs. This may result in an increase in missions and convoy traffic.
- Fixed issue with ships spinning around and then popping back into position.
- Trade Guild Procurement and Retrieve missions no longer ask for items that the local station has available for sale.
- Continued adjustment to the generation of Crystal (from XP, in this case). This process will be on-going as we evaluate different models.

VO 1.8.525 included:
- The winning "side" of Deneb is now able to purchase Neutron Blaster MkIIIs in their home nation for the following week.
- Deneb players are no longer kicked out of the mission for friendly kills.
- Friendly kills in Deneb no longer count against your nation's casualty count.
- Valkyrie and Prometheus NPCs in Deneb have been replaced by Vulturesin "Fighter" sized Skirmishes.
- Valkyrie and Prometheus NPCs in Deneb that previously carried rockets, now only carry Neutron Mark II weapons.
- Deneb "Battle Points" are now the determining factor for which side wins in a given week, the skirmish sizes have been separately weighted at 12 for Battle, 8 for Large, 5 for Medium, 3 for Small, and 1 for Fighter.
- Deneb "Battle Points" are now displayed on the website Deneb Stats.
- Fixed PC issue with some shortcut keys not working correctly in the station/PDA menus.

Vendetta Online 1.8.523-524, Uncapped Freemium on All Platforms

Some pretty major changes in tonight's release. Here are the patches from the last couple of weeks:

VO 1.8.524 includes:
- Secure In-App Purchase is now available in the game-client, on native PC platforms, using Guild Software's existing in-house credit card handling. See in-game Options for details.
- Freemium gameplay access is now possible from all platforms, including PC, along with the usage of Crystal.
- Freemium is now the default for new PC accounts, instead of Trial.
- Freemium and Lite accounts may now submit Events.
- Freemium and Lite accounts may now create Guilds, and serve as Council.
- All level caps have been removed for Lite and Freemium players.
- Lite Members now gain access to build and use Goliath-class capital ships (also retains 50% higher daily crystal limits from bots).
- Technically, all players may now construct Capital Ship components, but final assembly and usage is limited by membership tier.
- Added more internal analytics to help monitor the changes. On-going business model changes may be expected (crystal tweaks, etc).
- Premium access still includes: Tridents, less aggressive AFK logoff, LTS benefits, etc. New content will be added to the Premium tier, along with other benefits.

(Last week on 08/07):

VO 1.8.523 included:
- First-gen, non-public testing of a new cross-platform "In App Purchasing" system, tied to our own billing backend.
- Security updates and improvements for the game client, related to upcoming IAP features.
- Fixed problem on Windows causing threaded renderer to not properly utilize systems with non power-of-two core counts.
- Mitigated a rare concurrency issue with threaded job system.
- Players now respawn more quickly after death, particularly for high-ping players.
- Network protocol "streaming" mode is now enabled when a player leaves a sector, for faster transitions on high-ping connections.

Obviously, tonight's release includes very significant changes to the game's business model and availability, which have been planned for a very long time and we're happy to see them finally released.

We'll be discussing them in greater detail in the next Newsletter. Stay tuned!

Server Side Updates

The last few weeks have included a lot of purely server-side updates, as we've improved the robustness of the game, fixed a lot of bugs, and added internal features to give us better insights when there's a problem.

Changes include:

- Mitigated a bug with duplicate NPCs (Leviathans, etc) showing up in some locations.
- Fixed a bug causing some NPCs to "park" in the wrong locations.
- Fixed problem causing people to occasionally damage their capital ships when undocking.
- Optimized performance of the game server for certain cases.
- Added many new performance-monitoring analytics for the core game server.
- Made purchase experience more robust to upstream payment-gateway outages.
- Fixed a problem with AI path data being generated incorrectly on some sectors.
- Threaded AI path generation, plus other tweaks, to improve startup time on certain complex sectors.
- Added new analytics for monitoring a variety of connection and internal performance data.

We appreciate all the reports on Bugs and elsewhere, sometimes it takes us a few days to track something down, but we fix any issue as quickly as we can.

Newer game-content updates are slated to appear before long. It's been important that we focus on back-end stability and capacity for a little while, before the next round of content drops. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.