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Vendetta Online 1.8.650

VO 1.8.650 includes:
- 5 new custom-made missions available in various trees.
- The "CLICK! Out of missiles!" message is now limited to once per minute.
- Fixed issue with the HUD radar blips in Simulated VR with certain video drivers.
- Updated client LuaJIT to the latest version.
- Player-owned capships now report when and why they stopped mining.
- Player-owned capships now stop mining when the asteroid temperature reaches 10,000 K or the owner leaves the sector.

Please continue to post any issues on Bugs, and possible improvements on Suggestions. Many of the above changes came from the Suggestions Forum.

In the meantime, development continues on a number of big projects in the background, along the lines of what we've previously outlined on the "Game Development Direction" forum thread.

Have a great weekend, everyone!