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Vendetta Online 1.8.616-620

A recap of tonight's release, and the last couple of months..

VO 1.8.620 includes (tonight)
- Five new custom-made missions.
- Capship owners are now notified when their remote capship's shields come back up.
- Fixed a recent bug with capship storage limits: the player's active ship and passenger ships are now correctly counted as cargo
- Added Google Sign-In support to create new accounts on the Android version. Requires Play Store App Update.
- Vote Mute suspension notifications have been changed to chat abuse reporting suspension.
- Reduced the number of CSR pre-race announcements.

VO 1.8.619 included:
- Three new custom-made missions.
- Added Auto Aim angle stat to blaster-type weapon descriptions. The angle is measured from the forward firing direction.
- Code-signing signature has been updated for Windows.

VO 1.8.618 included:
- Four new custom-made missions.
- Fixed issue with remote capship unable to mine after the owner launches after docking.
- Fixed issue with Capship Cargo list not updating when the capship is mining.

VO 1.8.617 included:
- Four new custom-made missions.
- Fixed issue with connected addons being counted as part of the capship cargo in fighter Load/Unload menu.
- Fixed issue with the currently selected ship being reset to the capship when moving cargo between a fighter and capship while piloting the capship.
- Fixed issue with addon ports disappearing when equipping or unequipping addons.

VO 1.8.616 included:
- Six new custom-made missions.
- Capship owners can now change their fighters' loadouts/cargo while still piloting their capship. Choose which ship in the 'Ship' -> "Manage" -> "Configure Ship" menu.

Some really significant updates, major improvements for capship owners, twenty-two new missions, a lot of fixes, and a ton of invisible "background" development on the server. Stay tuned for further improvements in the works!