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Vendetta Online 1.8.613-614

VO 1.8.614 includes (tonight):
- Four new custom missions available in different Major Nation stations.
- Added an option in the Ship Buyback menu to prefer addons already in local storage, rather than buying them. If the addon is not in storage, it will be purchased.
- Added a 60 second tractor-beam cooldown for crates that you jettison. This means, for 60 seconds after a given crate is jettisoned from your ship, it will not be picked up by your ship's tractor-beam.
- Implemented an all-new channel 100 Discord relay, from scratch, which is now operated and maintained directly by the developers. Please report any issues on Bugs.

VO 1.8.613 included (last week):
- Four new custom missions, available in various trees.
- Fixed two additional client-side Lua bugs.
- Fixed Android crash on startup.
- Fixed issue with player-owned capships getting stuck in secondary sector instances.

Have a great weekend, everyone!