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Vendetta Online 1.8.608-609 and Server Side

VO 1.8.609 includes (tonight)
- Twelve new custom-made missions, available in varied trees.
- Major improvements to the sector startup process, which also help common sector-to-sector jump performance, but most importantly mitigate a scalability issue if the sector is under extreme CPU load (huge NPC count, etc).
- Additional server-side debugging and monitoring added, to further track down a few persistent issues and further enhance server stability.
- Fixed rare server-side issue that sporadically caused NPC navigational AI to not function properly, in certain sectors, for limited times.
- Fixed server-side memory allocation problem under higher load conditions (testing with 600 clients per sector).
- Migrated all server components to use jemalloc, updated server-side LuaJIT and other mechanisms.
- Fixed rare client Lua error when getting remote character information as a player is leaving a sector.
- Fixed some other unusual and rare client-side Lua error cases.

VO 1.8.608 included (July 18th):
- Twelve new custom-made missions.
- New server-side optimizations for players with extremely large and complex inventories.
- Fixed certain cases where resulting items could be "lost" from manufacturing missions.
- Fixed problem with some client CAPTCHAs appearing upside-down.