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Vendetta Online 1.8.594-607 and Server Side

VO server-side changes:
- 150 new custom-made missions (total, since the last Newspost on February 5th).
- We have begun testing the process of manually-localizing mission content, but this is limited and hasn't yet expanded to the tutorials.
- Changes to NPC navigation (still on-going), to reduce problems with large ships or convoys being delayed under certain circumstances.
- Major changes to game sectors (still on-going), improving server-side memory usage, improving scalability, adding analytics.
- Major update of the core server packet-router (still on-going), resulting in significantly increased player concurrency and battle-scale capacity.
- Many other changes.

VO 1.8.607
- 1 new custom mission.
- Enhanced sector performance under very-large battle scenarios.
- Additional server-side analytics, for monitoring sector status.
- Improvements to sector memory allocation.
- Improved memory efficiency for certain types of sector activity.
- Fix for iOS crash relating to Trident Tech liveries on recent iOS devices.

VO 1.8.606
- 34 new custom missions for various mission trees released over the past few weeks.
- Fixed lua error when being bounced back to the originating sector if the destination sector fails to load.
- Fixed issue when a sector gets stuck if an NPC is too far away from the center of the sector.
- Core server scalability and performance enhancements.

VO 1.8.605
- 14 new custom-made missions branching off of existing mission trees.
- Fixed issue with collisions causing ships to exceed the maximum speed limit.

VO 1.8.604
- Ten new custom-made missions for various mission trees.
- Players are now warned of an imminent captcha in certain conditions so they can move to a less hostile environment when it does pop up.
- Fixed crash in the Vulkan driver on MacOS.
- Fixed issue with the velocity of turret projectiles being too fast.
- Internal fixes to the mission system.

VO 1.8.603
- Five new custom-created missions.
- Linux-32bit version now supports the new localization system.
- Fixed issue with Corporate Sector Race not finishing in certain circumstances.
- Fixed issue with sectors crashing when AI path-finding matrices grow too big.

VO 1.8.602
- Three new custom-created missions.
- Game account personal information on the website has been moved to its own separate password-protected page, under Account Info, and then Personal Information. This includes the user's email address, etc.
- Most PC platforms, other than Linux-32bit, now support the new "beta-test" of the language localization system. Language translations are still very early and will change significantly.
- Fixed lua error when attempting to take a mission just as it is removed from the list.
- To reduce forum spamming, new accounts that don't have any characters with Level 1 Combat license may only post to the Forums up to 2 times per 24 hour period.
- Community Projects Forum threads may now be posted-to up to 1 year after the previous post.
- Community Projects Forum posts may now be edited by the poster after more than 15 minutes.
- New "Account Deletion" feature, available from the game client (Purchasing -> Account Status) or website (Account Info -> Personal Information): Players may now flag their account for future deletion. Verified accounts with email addresses require secondary validation by email code confirmation. Once an account has been flagged for deletion, a 30-day countdown will begin. The deletion process may then be aborted by logging into the given account and choosing the presented option. Once the 30-day period has expired, and the account has been deleted, all characters and related data are gone forever.

VO 1.8.601
- 7 new missions branching off of two existing mission trees.
- Fixed issue with NPCs in Unknown System H-1 not flying back to the wormhole.
- Fixed crash on Android when attempting to display Tridents with Tech 1 livery.
- Increased time limit of how old threads can be posted to in the Community Projects forum to 1 year from 6 months.
- Posts in the Community Projects forum no longer have a time limit for editing.

VO 1.8.600
- Six new missions, branching off of existing mission trees.
- Fixed lua error when changing HUD settings and multiple-leadoff reticles are enabled when not logged in.

VO 1.8.599
- Ten new missions, building off of an existing tree.
- Shared Group Radar is now disabled when it is in NFZ.
- Fixed issue with the Nemeses mission not being winnable under certain conditions.
- Fixed issue where attempting to reload ammo fails for other weapons when an equipped weapon cannot be reloaded.
- Fixed issue where Shared Group Radar was not enabled when capship pilot launches from their capship and they are part of a group.
- Fixed issue where Shared Group Radar was not enabled when capship pilot docks and takes control of their capship and they are part of a group.

VO 1.8.598
- Ten new missions, building off of existing trees.
- Fixed issue where the No-Fire Zone volume didn't match the indication on the HUD.
- New Login menu on Windows properly chooses Play-Bold if another font is selected.
- Fixed issue where the Amazon Store version fails to read assets from storage.
- Fixed issue with sudden Grid Power loss, causing turrets to de-equip on player capships.

VO 1.8.597
- Six all-new custom missions, in various trees.
- TempKOS is no longer applied to a player for 2 wall-clock hours after they are given a Conquerable Station access key.
- Text on new menus on Windows now more closely match the designed sizes.
- Self-defense notifications should no longer leak information when a capship owner launches or logs off while controlling their capship.
- Fixed rendering issue with OpenGL ES 2 on Amazon FireTV devices.
- Fix for invulnerability issue when jumping into a sector and latency tracker engages.
- Capital Rail Cannon now correctly requires Leviathan Hunter II.

VO 1.8.596.1
- Fixed lua error in offline tutorials.

VO 1.8.596
- Ten additional custom-made missions, some building off of existing trees.
- Android now includes additional beta language support for native Ukrainian.
- Fixed rendering issue with certain languages on Android TV devices.
- Fixed rendering direction issue with Arabic text in Offline tutorials.

VO 1.8.595.3
- Fixed issue with loading navroutes.
- Fixed issue with settings not getting saved correctly.

VO 1.8.595.2
- Fixed issue with settings getting reset on Android.
- Fixed issue with getting stuck in a turret and controls stop working..

VO 1.8.595.1
- Fixed lua error.

VO 1.8.595
- Four additional custom-made missions.
- Fixed issue with missing or "invisible" turret weapons-fire, under certain circumstances.
- Fixed issue where a player-owned capship may disappear when the sector shuts down.
- Fixed problems with Enduring Content missions.
- Fixed potential issues with game config files becoming corrupted, binds sometimes being lost.
- Reduced the number of times the game configuration files are written on startup.
- Prevent /+Shoot2 command from being manually used to fire turrets, ActivateTurrets is now the standard.

VO 1.8.594.1
- Fixed crashes at startup on Android.

VO 1.8.594
- Twenty Six new custom-made missions, from both new and existing trees.
- Android version now defaults to a 120fps frame limit, allowing a high speed refresh rate on devices with supporting screens.
- Android language selection menu now has improved usability with the longer language list.
- Android includes additional beta support for more languages: Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. Translations are still limited (and flawed) for all non-English languages. More thorough and improved translations will come in time, as we redo the user interface. This brings total game support to 19 languages (including English), which is the extent of our intended language support for the time being.