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Vendetta Online 1.8.587

VO 1.8.587 includes:

- Seven new missions, available in several new trees that expand with completion.
- New capship command "turbo": engages turbo for up to 10km, on the current heading, then stops.
- New capship command "gather": Ship will pick up floating ore. Can also specify type of ore, then only that type of ore will be picked up.
- New capship command-chaining: Multiple behaviours may be engaged concurrently with the "add" command. So, a ship might be told to "patrol" and then "add attack hostile", causing the capship to both patrol, and attack enemies. Then one might also "add gather", causing the capship to patrol, attack hostiles, and gather floating ore crates.
- "Turbo" and "Stop" tutorial-arrows now vanish once the player touches the respective button.
- Fix for Strafe tutorial bug for older updating game installs where Roll was not bound to Tilt.
- Updates to the iOS version, adds +ActivateTurrets, Localisations, Async Asset Loading, new Touch-Look flight model, improved battery efficiency, other features recently added to the Android version. Requires App Store update for the features to be available.

As usual, the Holiday Promo is now active. Happy Holidays everyone!