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Vendetta Online 1.8.585

VO 1.8.585 includes:

- Six new missions have been added.
- Added "/tkostime" command, to print a list of where the current character is TempKoS, and for how long.
- Android and PC HUD (2D) will now visually shake slightly when Turbo is engaged.
- Android and PC HUD will now flash green if you pick up cargo.
- Android version will now auto-reconnect and use the last character, if the game was disconnected while backgrounded.
- Fixed capship turret gunner exploit that allowed players to halve the fire-delay of certain turrets.
- Fixed capship turret owner exploit relating to changing turrets quickly.
- Fixed scanners causing false NFZ warnings.
- Touch to Select on Android has been temporarily disabled, pending fixing a major issue.

A lot more changes coming next week. Please keep us posted on any bugs you find, via the Bugs Forum on the website. Thanks!