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Vendetta Online 1.8.584

VO 1.8.584 includes:

- Four new missions: "Anti-Piracy Task Force", "Courier for Legal Documents", "Runaway Guardians", "Phase 1 Industrial Assay".
- Toggling "+ActivateTurrets" now visually adds a small red "AT" to the left of the Distance graph, and also shows a brief "Turret Control Online" or "Offline" message in the chat log.
- Android version now gives a small "haptic" (device vibration) when the user engages turbo, or when the user is struck by enemy fire.
- Android "Language" Options dialog has been made larger and easier to use.
- Android initial tutorial now starts with the HUD hidden, presents the text to the right, progress bar integrated into the text dialog.
- Android now includes a "tilt" tutorial, showing the user how to rotate their ship.
- Android "Back" menu is now unique for each initial tutorial.
- Android initial "offline" tutorials now disable any touch buttons and regions that are not specifically needed for that tutorial, to avoid accidental confusion in early gameplay.
- Android "Rings" tutorial flight-timeout no longer interrupts the Back or initial Continue dialog.
- Android players can no longer physically collide with the outer "Ring" objects in the tutorial.
- Android includes many other small tweaks to the initial tutorials, localization.

Some new missions, a few later-game improvements, and a lot of changes to the early tutorial experience. More features are in the pipe, but were not able to be completed for release-time. Stay tuned. As always, please report any Bugs on the Forums (only Exploits, that need to remain secret, should be reported via Support Tickets). Thanks everyone!