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Vendetta Online 1.8.581-582

VO 1.8.582 includes (11/20):

- New "Hive Queen Mining Beam": a new capital-class mining beam that is a rare drop from Hive Queens.
- New AndroidTV dialog, on devices with no gamepad or other input, allows re-scan for new input devices.
- Fixed problem with swapping right/left touch region inputs in Advance Options on Android.
- Additional Russian translated content on the Android version.
- New tutorial missions on Touchscreen devices.
- New disconnection dialog on Android, makes it easier to reconnect to the server.

VO 1.8.581 included (11/12):

- New experimental/prototype Russian localization for Android.
- Mission-based HUD Notification text is now displayed in the upper left over the chat region on Android.
- Mitigated issue with Deneb Border War and Hive Skirmish missions not giving out awards.
- Clarity and stability changes to some missions.
- More anonymous analytics on the Android version.
- Added support for localized missions.

Russian support on Android marks our first "prototype" localization. This is not finalized, at all, and a lot of text is still going to be changing as we release the new user-interface, so expect that perfect translations are not the immediate priority. We will be seeking player input on translation quality, as things get further along.

The new Hive Queen Mining Beam is the result of a Suggestions Forum thread, and now makes its way into production. These addons should further amplify the capabilities of capital ships for mining operations. But, the "drop" nature of the addon will likely keep it in demand for some time, and add further value to Queen Hunting.

As always, please let us know of any problems via the Bugs Forum. Thanks much!