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Vendetta Online 1.8.569

VO 1.8.569 included (yesterday and today):

- Capship turret ammo gets properly reloaded when the pilot enterstheir turret.
- Turrets now drain the ship's energy when used by passengers.
- Stacked crates in space now have a unique timeout for each set of items stacked into the crate.
- The quantity of crates in space are now properly updated in the HUD Target info panel when the quantity changes.
- Refactored the way remote capships are moved between sectors. This should prevent commands sent to the capship from getting lost if it is in mid-jump.
- Teller-Ulam Mines now have a much larger concussive force, within the same concussive range. Explosive damage is unchanged.
- Capital Ship Swarm Launchers and Turrets now require 500 energy to fire (per volley). This is actually a slight reduction in the previous energy requirements of Swarm Turrets.

The last two updates here were pushed later today, while most of the rest of the release shipped yesterday.

As always, polite feedback and ideas are welcome on Suggestions, which is where both of these changes came from. That's all for now, have a great weekend.