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Vendetta Online 1.8.562, TeamDX on Saturday!

Remember to stop by for TeamDX, around 8pm Central on Saturday! Also..

VO 1.8.562 includes:

- Remote capships can now be commanded to "Follow" the capship Owner, as well as "Park", even if the capship is in a different sector from the Owner. If a capship is commanded to "Follow" the Owner, it will attempt to reach them as long as they remain in-game. If the capship is told to "Park" while already trying to reach the Owner, it will "Park" where-ever it happens to be when the command is issued. Only these two commands will currently work across sectors, for now, the combat and mining related commands still require the Owner to be in the same sector as the capship.
- Remote capship commands now require the Owner to be fully remote: When an Owner docks to their capship, any existing Remote commands will be cancelled. New Remote commands will not be accepted until the Owner undocks again. All commands are cancelled upon Owner log-off.
- Additional server analytics around new characters have been added, to help improve the new user experience.
- Server-side architectural changes, designed to improve the handling of player-inventory data, across the universe. These kinds of changes will be periodically taking place for some time, but they should enable some really positive advantages, both for future gameplay development, as well as server-side challenges.

These are some significant changes, which should further expand on the utility of owning a Capital Ship. As the game Galaxy continues to be expanded and enriched by new content, we expect there to be many new opportunities to be "far from home", and surrounded the wonder, hostility, and uncertainty of the unexplored.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Please let us know of any issues via the Bugs Forum.