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Vendetta Online 1.8.560-561

VO 1.8.561 includes (last night):
- New mineable Ore: "Sammic". It is rare, has a high mass, and is available only in the Unknown System. Expect it to play a part in future Manufacturing goals.
- Cross-Galaxy Teleportation: Members of the Serco and Itani Militaries may access Missions to utilize experimental teleportation facilities located in Dau L10, Geira O4 and Eo I7. Transport is for a character only, does not move any ship or cargo, and includes a nominal fee.
- iOS gamepad configuration: Changes to button and axis definitions should now save properly.
- Fixed issue with joystick axis binds not properly updating in the Calibration menu when they are changed in the Gamepad menu.
- Improved login performance across all devices. Further improvements are coming.
- Experimental simplication of first-time character creation for Android, automatically choosing name and nation selection. Additional characters may be created with full manual control.
- Fixed issue with Self Defense notifications being sent too often.

VO 1.8.560 (last week) included:
- Automatic cargo tractor beam allows easier pickup of nearby crates. Currently defaults to "on", but may be disabled with the /cargotractor command. The cargo tractor beam only functions for "small" type ships, not capships, and has a limited range of only 8 meters. It is intended to help acclimate new players who struggle to pick up drops when starting out. Further configuration options may eventually appear, such as ability to enable or disable tractoring for particular classes of crates.

Beyond this, there has been a tremendous amount of work in the background, fixing bugs and issues and otherwise improving specific situations; as well as research into making the game more functional and accessible for everyone.

Because of the substantial changes, lately, there is an above-average risk of new Bugs (despite the lengthy testing that has gone into all of this). Please report any you find on the Bugs forum. Situations that may be exploitable can be sent in via Support Tickets, but general Bugs are best posted to the forums, where they can get feedback from more than one person.

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend and (in the US) a great holiday!