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Vendetta Online 1.8.539-540

VO 1.8.540 includes (tonight), scroll down for more details:

- TempKoS status, timers and escalations, are now shared across all factional stations within UIT space. Outside of UIT space, TempKoS status is still per-faction, and not shared.
- Incoming convoys of a faction different from that of the local sector/station no longer fire, within the NFZ, at characters hated by their faction. They will fire back if attacked.
- Fixed issue with trophies and other unique items incorrectly stacking.
- Remote capships no longer wobble when trying to align themselves.
- Navroutes that include the Unknown System now properly load if you've previously visited the system.
- Fixed issue with 'prepare for docking' remote capship not working.
- Fixed memory leak when resizing the HUD or reloading the interface, which may have contributed to recent crashes on plugin-heavy clients.
- Fixed bot pathfinding issues in the Hive Leviathan and other dynamic sectors.

VO 1.8.539 included (a week ago):

- Background can now be disabled in Android.
- Fixed issue with faction penalty being applied when a strike force NPC destroys another strike force NPC while they are targeting you.
- Added error message to character name verification menu if the name doesn't match what was typed in.
- Removed error message when Autojettison is enabled and your remote capship is mining asteroids.
- Added more logging to the Windows version to help track down crashes.
- Fixed issue with players launching from their capship but being spawned at the wrong location.
- Remote capships now stop mining when they are given another command.
- The correct mining beam effect is now used for remote capships when they mine asteroids.
- Remote capships no longer attempt to mine if they don't have a mining beam equipped.
- Launching from your capship now stops any mining in progress.

To clarify the TempKoS change tonight: Basically, the UIT now enforces Temporary Kill On Sight as a "single entity" and not as a whole mix of different individual factions.

For instance: Timed TempKoS status may be acquired by various means, such as killing 3 non-hated players in a Monitored or Guarded sector, within a single 7-day period.

Previously, this would mean you might achieve a TempKoS flag against your character by killing 3 players near TPG stations during that time, but that would make you "unwelcome" near TPG Corp stations, it would not impact your status around stations owned by other factions, even though they were all within UIT space.

Now, all factions within UIT space will accumulate the triggering factors together, and will all enforce the TempKoS status achieved against any one of them, so long as it is within UIT space.

Minor factions, such as TPG, also have stations in Grayspace. Within Grayspace, they will only enforce the factional impacts that are directly held by the individual faction. So, angering TPG will impact whether you are welcome in TPG stations anywhere. But angering the UIT Senate (who only has stations in UIT space) will not impact whether you are welcome in corporate Grayspace stations, even though those same corporations will not permit your presence within UIT space.

At the moment, all of this purely impacts *Temporary* Kill On Sight status. For now, it does not impact the longer-term Faction Standing system, although that may change in the future.