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Vendetta Online 1.8.532

VO 1.8.532 includes:

- Unaligned Pirate capital ships should no longer follow players into deep space.
- Fixed issue with Enduring History kill count not displaying properly.
- Fixed "Daily Trade Report" not being properly posted in-game.
- Fixed bugs and improved stability of NPC convoys.
- Fixed a rare problem where NPC convoys could excessively pile-up in a sector, under certain conditions.
- Fixed issue with spawning a persistent ship for a player, if a sector lags and the player relogs into a new instance of the sector.
- Improved account-creation flow on the website, made it more friendly to phones.
- Reduced memory and CPU usage of Kourier subsystem.
- Fixed issue with logged-in state of player characters.

Lots of other working going on in the background, both around advances in gameplay, as well as development to enhance the early game experience for new players.

Please continue to keep us post about the bugs you find, via the Bugs forum (several of the above fixes are thanks to player reports), and have a great weekend everyone!