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Vendetta Online 1.8.530-531

There have been a number of fairly significant updates lately. Some of them introduce entirely new features, which merit further explanation and commentary, likely slated for the next Newsletter.

VO 1.8.531 includes (tonight):
- Text-To-Speech feature added for PC platforms. It can be muted in Options -> Audio -> Mission Text To Speech volume.
- Goliath Powercell grid power increased from 55 to 58, per Suggestions thread.
- Added 'Clear A Bind' button to Keyboard menu, so keys and commands can be unbound from each other.
- Efficiency and performance improvements to server-side economy and NPC management systems.
- Missions may now filter availability on whether a station has Capship docking bays.
- Improved error handling and automated reporting of server back-end economic systems.

VO 1.8.530.1 included (last weekend):
- Enduring History is now displayed in the information panel in the Inventory menu.

VO 1.8.530 included (last week):
- Added options in the Buddy Menu allowing the player to toggle whether
buddies can see their Online status on their Active Players web page.
- Fixed incorrect stacking of items in the Inventory menu when sorting
by Type.
- Fixed issue with Strike Force deciding to leave instead of attack.
- Fixed issue with NPCs ending their pursuit when you enter a player-
owned capship.
- New Enduring Content mission, for Trident owners.