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New System and VO 1.8.517

As related in the latest Newsletter, a new Star System has been added to the game:

- The system is "hidden", but can be found with a clue from an in-game News article (PDA -> Comm) about a rescued explorer.
- The new system contains a particular type of bot that will occasionally drop a new weapon: the Gravity Mine Launcher.

This new system can be expected to change periodically; everything from the risks and dangers, to the actual sectors themselves. We're looking to add unique minerals and ores that only exist there, more unusual bot types with drops, and other content.

The wormhole may eventually become more challenging to locate, moving periodically. Threats to the main game universe may even pour forth from hidden strongholds.

VO 1.8.517 includes:
- Improved performance relating to instanced rendering on DX11, GL4, Vulkan and ES3. Most apparent with very dense sectors, using shadows.
- Fixed a graphics problem on PC, where certain asteroids were not using existing higher-quality object assets.
- Fixed a rendering issue with refracting ice crystals on Vulkan.

Anyone who hasn't seen it already, should also take a look at the latest game Newsletter: