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Vendetta Online 1.8.507

VO 1.8.507 includes:
- Escort mission convoys now attempt to stay together more effectively.
- Keychain list now properly updates when access rights change.
- Added Help menu information to Gunners tab.
- Additional analytics and log data to try and debug the rare "dud avalon / missile" problem, reported on Bugs. Please continue to post specific (date/time) reports on that forum.
- Generally biased all NPC action preferences to favor "following" goals over "destination" goals, while their follow target is around; part of the Escort mission fixes, but may have effects beyond that as well. Please report any issues on Bugs

Hey everyone, some additional fixes and tweaks. Please particularly let us know if the Escort missions are improved. Hopefully players will get full-credit for staying with the capital ships now, for instance. Plus, the missions should generally be more fun, and more interactive with the entire convoy around.

Have a great weekend, everyone.