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Server-Side Release

Tonight's update is entirely server-side and requires no game client update.

These updates are inspired directly from player feedback and reports on the Forums, and we've attempted to improve the related situations. If you continue to find problems or negative ramifications, please continue to post to either Suggestions or Bugs, as appropriate.

- Station Defense Turrets will now clear out mines, in addition to the Station Defense Fighters. This may help mitigate some reported situations relating to the conquest of stations.

- Unaligned Pirates now have different defend behaviour, with a more careful allocation of available defense resources. This should be an improvement, but will probably need further tweaking, and is expected to continue evolving in the future. Forum feedback on any further problems are certainly appreciated.

- In situations where the pilot of a capital ship has the Key to a conquerable station, and the other player(s) controlling their turret(s) then attack the conquerable station defenses, the entire capship will now be flagged as TempKoS for the next 15 minutes.

- Fixed a new (rare) sector crash that had appeared in the past week, relating to sector startup and analytics.

- New administrative (guide) commands added to enhance management of "public" channels (1 and 100), in keeping with the discussions in the Toxicity RFC from earlier this year. These are the first steps of moving from the vote-mute system to a new "report" based mechanism.

(The above release notes will likely also be added to the next client-side patch, to show up in the game patch log).

That's all for now. Remember to stop by for the Behemoth race on Sunday! 5pm Central.

Have a great weekend, everyone.