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Vendetta Online 1.8.486-487

VO 1.8.487 includes:
- Target Ping latency indicator for currently selected target is displayed by color of the word "Ping" to the right of the Distance field. The color Green for < 150 ms, yellow for 150 to 300 ms, red for 300 to 500 ms, and blue for over 500 ms.
- Your own Ping latency is indicated underneath your ship's Health percentage on the right-hand side of the HUD (PC/mobile), the same colors are used.
- Fixed issue with Android version choosing the wrong screen size and clipping off half the view.
- Save Password setting defaults to checked for mobile versions.
- Windows version has a new experimental feature that displays selection boxes and names on other ships.
Type "/set rAllTargetBoxes 0" (without the double quotes) to turn it off.
There are 4 modes, and the default setting is 3:
1 - Only boxes around every ship
2 - Boxes and name around every ship
3 - Boxes around every ship and names for players only
4 - Boxes around every ship and name for only the selected ship
The box and name fade out between 500 and 1000 meters away.
Configurable settings are rAllTargetBoxFontSize defaulting to 6, rAllTargetBoxFontAlpha defaulting to 0.25, rAllTargetBoxFontFadeMinDistance defaulting to 500, and rAllTargetBoxFontFadeMaxDistance defaulting to 1000.

VO 1.8.486.1 included:
- Capship hulks no longer prevent you from jumping out of the sector (people incorrectly thought this was a "time delay" in the Unrat sector, for instance).
- Fixed issue with Android Updater on old devices.

VO 1.8.486 included:
- Fixed issue with hybrid monoscopic not showing leadoff targets or other positional radar elements in Daydream.
- Fixed black boxes in background on Windows.
- Anisotropic setting in DirectX 11 are now applied immediately and default to 8x.

A number of updates and improvements lately. This latency indicator has been long-requested, and hopefully it provides some value to people, being able to see how their ping compares to that of others, during PvP combat.

By putting some work into this area, it does open up the possibility of more elaborate mitigations to certain network-related issues in the future; but make no mistake, a lot of this is complex and time-consuming engineering, with a lot of testing and tuning required. We still have a huge current-workload that's on a fixed timetable, so don't expect us to suddenly change our entire priorities from what we've been explaining over the last year. But, know that it is an area where we're making enhancements when we can.

Feedback is welcome on all of this, particularly the new "selection box" visibility stuff on Windows, and the functionality of the Ping Indicator. Please use the Forums appropriately for any thoughts (Suggestions, Bugs, General, etc).