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Vendetta Online 1.8.565-566

VO 1.8.566 includes (tonight):
- Fixed Border Skirmish capships going to the wrong sectors when the battle is over.
- Fixed issue with cancelled Access Key deletion CAPTCHA causing CAPTCHA to appear at next login of the same client run.
- Non-Premium idle-timeout CAPTCHA now functions the same as all others, and will fail on "Escape".
- Fixed issue with "Getting characters..." menu sometimes appearing on top of the Character Select menu.
- Failed login attempts now fully disconnect from the server.
- iOS App Store update with improved login times and fixes.

VO 1.8.565 included (last week):
- Improved robustness of macOS and iOS In-App Purchases.
- Fixed internal analytics on iOS.
- Fixed issue with Account Info menu not showing proper active status

A lot of bugfixes, along with further measurement and improvements (behind the scenes) to make the game more robust for new players. Also, trying to push Mac-store updates, but running into challenges, due to subtle platform changes and updates from Apple. Anyway, hopefully those headaches and delays will be resolved before long.

Have a great weekend, everyone.