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Vendetta Online 1.8.564

VO 1.8.564 includes:

- Capship under attack messages now include the name of the attacker and notifies the owner when its shields go down.
- Added progress bar to "Getting Characters" and "Entering Universe" menus seen when logging in.
- Station ship purchase tutorial now resumes at the proper point if the client restarts or the player closes the Options menu.
- Android changes to further streamline the new user experience.
- Fixed issue where passengers were ejected from a capship when the owner takes control of it.
- Fixed issue where players were unable to enter a broken sector.
- Fixed issue where bots may stop attacking player capships with passengers.
- Fixed issue where a player's remote capship disappears if they log into a sector when their active ship is a capship and the remote capship is in the same sector.
- TyCorp Assaults can now attack in pairs.

A wide variety of small fixes and improvements, following up from the major internal updates last-week. Please continue to keep us posted about any Bugs you find, via the Bugs forum. Have a great weekend, everyone!