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Vendetta Online 1.8.558

VO 1.8.558 includes:

- Trident and Goliath-class capital ships now include scanners for cargo (2000m), addons (2000m), asteroid temperature (500m) and asteroid mineral content (500m). This joins the existing sensors for ion-storm radar extension, as well as grouped shared-radar AWACS capabilities up to 2000m.

- Guild Voting notification system: The creation of a vote topic, initiated in any given month, will create an email that goes out to all voting Council members, to notify them of the voting topic. This email goes to the main address of the account of record (like the Newsletters, or administrative Tickets). If more than one vote topic is initiated in a given month, by a single guild, the later topics will not trigger emails. Players may opt-out of Guild Voting emails, through the game website (Account Info), or using a link from the emails themselves.

- Instant Notification system: A new category of notification has been added, to enable immediate email-based notification of game activity. Currently, this is only enabled for attacks on stations where the player holds an owner's key. This email address is unique and separate from the main address, allowing players to use their mobile carrier's SMS-to-email gateway to receive instant text messages, if they choose. For the moment, this must be specifically enabled by adding an email address to the Instant Notification field on the game website, in Account Info. The address must then be verified by a unique code, for confirmation purposes, before any game messages will be sent.

Some pretty major additions, in terms of external notification systems, intending to build towards larger conquerable content, territory and broader long-term features.

We hope the guild-related communications will also help player guilds better organize around changes and continue to thrive.

Last but not least, the sensor updates to the capital ships, another feature change brought about through community discussion on the Suggestions Forum.

Have a great weekend, everyone.