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Vendetta Online 1.8.536

VO 1.8.536 includes:

- Triggering of a Strike Force makes all collateral damage done by that Strike Force have factional ramifications for whomever originally triggered the Strike Force, including a self defense flag against whomever triggered the Strike Force.
- All TempKoS timers are now operating on game-time (time spent logged-in, not wall-clock time) and do not end upon death.
- Added ability for players to report spybots using '/report "name" spybot'. The player being reported must be launched in space and located in the same sector as the reporter.
- Added Function and Page Up/Down/Home/End keyboard support for Android.
- Fixed issue with certain correctly-operated player store-bots occasionally being flagged as spybots.
- "Simulated" station-sector convoy traffic will no longer spawn while the sectors contain actual trade convoys, to avoid excessive traffic buildup.

Much of the above changes to Strike Forces and TempKoS come from Suggestions threads that were well supported, please continue to deliver your feedback and ideas there, and we'll keep reading them.

If you run into any problems or Bugs, please let us know via the Bugs forum (or a Support Ticket if the problem is exploitable in some way). Have a great weekend, everyone!