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Vendetta Online 1.8.533

VO 1.8.533 includes:

- Asteroid temperatures over 10,000 K are now reset to 10,000 K when the sector reloads.
- Fixed issue with capship speed and energy being displayed as zero in the HUD if the capship is renamed while in space.
- Added ability to continue a mission with the Activate action if the mission is waiting at a 'Continue' prompt.
- Fixed issue with rocket/missile turrets not dealing damage if the player who fired them launched from the capship before they explode.

We had some distractions this week with, administrative player issues cropping up, as well as fixes for bugs, like those above. But, we are still working to forge ahead on newer features and improvements. Be sure to stop by for the Events this weekend; and if you're based in the US, remember to Vote!

Have a great weekend, everyone.