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Server Side Updates

The last few weeks have included a lot of purely server-side updates, as we've improved the robustness of the game, fixed a lot of bugs, and added internal features to give us better insights when there's a problem.

Changes include:

- Mitigated a bug with duplicate NPCs (Leviathans, etc) showing up in some locations.
- Fixed a bug causing some NPCs to "park" in the wrong locations.
- Fixed problem causing people to occasionally damage their capital ships when undocking.
- Optimized performance of the game server for certain cases.
- Added many new performance-monitoring analytics for the core game server.
- Made purchase experience more robust to upstream payment-gateway outages.
- Fixed a problem with AI path data being generated incorrectly on some sectors.
- Threaded AI path generation, plus other tweaks, to improve startup time on certain complex sectors.
- Added new analytics for monitoring a variety of connection and internal performance data.

We appreciate all the reports on Bugs and elsewhere, sometimes it takes us a few days to track something down, but we fix any issue as quickly as we can.

Newer game-content updates are slated to appear before long. It's been important that we focus on back-end stability and capacity for a little while, before the next round of content drops. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.