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Server Side Updates, VO 1.8.518

The 06/12 Server-Side Update (last night) included:

- Leviathan weapon fire no longer goes through thinner asteroids. Should also impact Conquerable Station Turrets, etc.
- The NPCs no longer use the internal docking bays on the station in Verasi I-5.
- NPC AI path generation has been improved and adjusted.
- Our ability to visually debug problems with the NPC AI path generation has been improved.

VO 1.8.518 included:

- Added new NPCs to the Unknown System that may pursue you throughout the system.
- NPCs may continue to aggro on pilots after they dock and re-launch from capships.
- Queens now defend the Leviathan instead of drifting away.
- Fixed lua error when attempting to load system notes that plugins created.

The change to high-speed Gauss from large turrets should make for improved strategies in approaching Leviathan, Conquerable Stations and the like. Note that this is a physical-impact change; it's possible there are some long-lived visual effects that may still pass through objects, for the moment, but you won't be damaged by them.

Other tweaks to Queens and more elaborate cross-system NPC behaviour should also prove interesting, and lead to more content down the road.