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Server-side Release

A variety of bug fixes went into place over the last week, based on player feedback.

- Addressed a problem where Escort/Convoy ships were sometimes getting behind, or stuck in previous sectors, depending on various factors. This should be rectified.
- Unaligned Pirates now choose their own jump points instead of using the group's jumppoint.
- Fixed a problem with certain types of Unaligned Pirate escorts not spawning correctly.
- If bots take too long to reach their jump point and trigger manual movement by the server, they will now appear to properly jump, instead of simply vanishing.
- Lots of new analytics to help track mission activity and usage, across both "static" type missions, as well as the dynamically generated Kourier missions (Hive, Escort, etc). This includes a lot of insight into how and why particular missions have failed, to help us identify when things are a problem, and how they need to be fixed.

Beyond this, there will likely be a scheduled outage during the coming week, for server maintenance, upgrades and capacity improvements.

Please keep an eye out for a Developer-run Event next weekend (the 28th), as well as (hopefully) a Newsletter update.

All the best everyone!