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Vendetta Online 1.8.508

VO 1.8.508 includes:

- Static queens are now more likely to attack capital ships, and remain aggressive.
- Convoy traffic should no longer block docking queues under certain conditions, or choose jump-out positions that are unnecessarily far away.
- Fixed rendering issues with the OpenGL Reference driver on Windows and MacOS, which were causing inverted CAPTCHA displays and other problems.

Some of these bugs were time-consuming to track down, but hopefully we've resolved the related issues that people were running into. As always, if you see anything that's obviously not working correctly, please post it to Bugs and let us know.

Additionally, we've had some development and testing going on, related to increasing the capacity of the game, and measuring how far we can push individual sectors, which we expect to be relevant as we experiment with more elaborate and intensive sectors (similar to Bractus P1).

As always, have a great weekend.