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Vendetta Online 1.8.499

VO 1.8.499 includes:

- Fixed issue with the client incorrectly displaying the cost of repairing ships that are in the cargo hold of capships when docked to a station.

This issue has been reported by a few players, and while it was entirely "cosmetic" (it did not actually impact credits or purchases in any way), it certainly looked scary, with ammo purchases supposedly taking tens of millions of credits. It was an obscure bug, in an odd case, and after a bit of digging to track it down, should now be resolved.

Additionally, quite a bit of background bugfixing and enhancements continued this week, on making the server more efficient, with better usage of available CPU time. This is going to become quite important, we're looking to increase the number of bots per sector, as well as create more interesting NPC groupings and behaviours, all of which mandates the maximum server efficiency.

Moth Race Events coming up on Sundays! Be sure to stop by around 5pm Central (11pm UTC) on Sunday for the first of a whole series of Behemoth Races. Check the in-game Event news for more information.