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Vendetta Online 1.8.498

VO 1.8.498 includes:

- NPC capships and Queens should no longer drift out into space when battling other vessels.
- Fixed issue with Updater crashing due to invalid code signature on MacOS 10.15.

Another week with a lot of background and server improvements, to help the game as a whole. For instance, this update also includes a feature helping sectors share available-CPU on a given server more effectively, dynamically updating their own relative CPU priority, making the game run a bit better for everyone.

We've also added many more analytics, which is helping us shed light on existing debugging problems, while also better keeping an eye towards any future issues.

Mac users should be happy with this latest update, which we hope will finally bring better stability to OS X 10.15+. If anyone continues to encounter problems on their Mac, please let us know, either on the Bugs forum (preferred), or via a Support Ticket if there's a need to convey private information.

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend!