Vendetta Online 1.8.300

VO 1.8.300 includes:

- Fixed multithreaded rendering artifacts. We're still working on the crashing bugs.
- Save Password checkbox is now always present on platforms that support it.
- Touch-hover now works when dragging your finger from a listbox or textbox when they aren't scrollable.

More significant development has been wrapping up this week, much of it is still in testing. Thanks for your patience!

Vendetta Online 1.8.299

VO 1.8.299 includes:

- Added a 'Save Password' option to the Android version. It saves an
encrypted copy of your password to the private data area of the app.
- Updated OpenSSL library on the Android version.
- All small screen devices now default to a static background image in
the station menu so swiping between menus is smoother.
- Cleaned up more java reference leaks.

More polishing and background work in advance of an upcoming announcement. Stay tuned!

Vendetta Online 1.8.298

VO 1.8.298 includes:

- Only Premium subscriptions are allowed to pilot Tridents now.
Any non-Premium subscribers capships will be moved to the capship Shipyards in Latos M-7.
- Optimized Panning feature to switch between station menus on Android.
- Added macro buttons to the virtual keyboard. To set the macro, type in the text you want and long-press a macro button. To clear the macro, long-press when no text is entered.
- Changed Linux 64 version to default to single-threaded rendering until the multithreaded rendering problems are fixed. It can be manually enabled/disabled through the config.ini as usual.
- Fixed a very uncommon issue when attempting to launch from your own capship and you get an error saying that your grid power is too low.
- New capship turret assets. These increase the framerate on mobile devices.
- Fixed touch-hover overlay being displayed when it shouldn't be. For example, while rotating the ship view.
- The Close button in the PDA menu did not have touch-hover enabled.

Various other tweaks and changes in the works, including some big performance bumps that will be helpful on certain platforms, and allow us to expand gameplay.

VO 1.8.296, Capture the Flag event.

VO 1.8.296 includes:

- Added a new Condensed UI Panning feature to the Android version to be able to switch between station menus without the need for the Menu button. Quickly swipe your finger across the screen while in-station to switch between the different menus.
- Added a new touch-hover feature to buttons around the edge of the screen for Android devices. Touch-drag your finger over tabs and buttons around the edge of the screen to show a large version of what button is under your finger. When you release your finger, that tab or button will be selected.
- A 'Please wait...' msg now appears when showing the mission list for the first time to show that it may take a few seconnds to update the list.
- Fixed a problem with allowing players to In-App Purchase an item even though they can't equip or use it.
- The mission info dialog now includes the name and short description.
- Fixed a reference to Amazon GameCircle when using Google+ for achievements.
- Fixed issues with long-pressing the nav menu to add multiple navpoints.

We feel these UI changes are of major benefit to any touchscreen device, especially smaller devices like phones. We have some more announcements upcoming in relation to this, stay tuned.

Also, stop by for the CTF event on Saturday!

VO 1.8.295

VO 1.8.295 includes:
- Conquerable station defense turrets no longer fire on access key holders while the are leaving the sector.
- Friendly-fire deaths caused by Avalon explosions no longer kick players out of Border Skirmish missions.
- Added experimental network quality reporting. To enable report logging to your chat window, type /set nShowNetQualReport 1
- Added idle-detection captcha to non-premium subscriptions.
- Fixed problem where the player's persistent capship fails to leave 5 minutes after the owner logs out when the owner attempted to control their own capship but timed out or otherwise has excessive lag.
- Deleted characters are no longer listed as holders of access keys.
- Fixed some Java object reference leaks on Android.

Some widely-requested changes and tweaks, as well as further work towards feature improvements like network-quality detection. This is all working towards some larger launches later this month, stay tuned!

VO 1.8.294, Gray Space Rally

There will be a "Rally" style racing event held in Grayspace on Saturday (see the event schedule in-game for more information). Unlike the last race event, this will compete for the minimum total time from start to finish, eliminating client load-times as a factor.

VO 1.8.294 includes:

- Improved shaders for PC platforms. The secondary lightsource now uses the object's bump map.
- Hangar tab was still visible in the Tactical tab in ships with turrets but no hangar.
- Repair and Reload buttons were the wrong color.
- If a player attempts to lay a mine and the mine limit has been reached, the client no longer thinks the mine was layed.
- The password field no longer allows the text to be copied from it with CTRL-c. "************" is now copied into the clipboard.
- Dueling players are now notified if the duel will not count towards their duel ratings. For example, if one of the players license level is too low.
- When autodocking is enabled, the text on the HUD now says "Docking..." instead of "Press the Activate key to dock."
- Fixed occasional clipping of the speed and energy indicators on the HUD.
- Fixed various lua errors.

Lots of little fixes, plus some meaningful graphical updates on the PC. One more step along the road. We have some additional utilities coming soon, like tools to show player latency and packet-loss issues, to help people determine whether their internet connection is a problem (resulting in issues often blamed on the game itself). Those tools were slated for release this evening, but need a little more time for testing.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Grayspace Race, development in progress.

Hey everyone, we're right in the middle of some major development that is making visible updates a little fewer and further between, so I wanted to explain a little about what's going on.

But first and foremost, please consider stopping by for the developer-run Grayspace Race event on Saturday! We expect it to be a lot of fun, and a step towards the return of classic recurrent race events like the Deneb Run. See the in-game Event system for schedule details and other information.

Beyond this, we have a lot of different development going on, most of which I'm not going to announce right now. But one thing you will start to see in the immediate future, is the availability of micro-transactional purchases on certain mobile devices. Keep in mind that premium subscribers will still get everything, across all platforms, without any need for these types of optional purchases. Micro-transactions will be exclusively for players coming in on Lite accounts, allowing them to push a bit beyond the current level 3 cap.

The exact mechanics and structure of the micro-transactional system are still experimental, and will require refinement and continued feedback from the userbase. But, it has become evident that some kind of hybrid "free to play" model is an expected necessity on mobile, so we're working to adapt to these markets and bring in additional players.

We also have a lot of game-related development in process, which will be revealed in future newsposts as we get a bit closer to each related release. But overall, our goal for "VO 2.0" is about enhancing and drastically expanding the game in many different ways that will mesh together, including the business model and other areas. So, please bear with us while we evolve and improve these aspects, even when don't have the most exciting immediate gameplay impact.

At the same time, please do show up for the Race Event! Have a great weekend, everyone.

VO 1.8.293, CTF Event!

Vendetta Online 1.8.293 released, plus Upcoming Events! This weekend there will be a Nation War along with a scheduled, developer-run Capture The Flag event! See the in-game Event list, or the main site for times and more information.

Tonight's release includes:

- CTC cargo gets auto-jettisoned when the capship owner leaves their capship and they have CTC cargo.
- Ship buy-back/buy-preset no longer swaps empty weapons in storage with newly purchased weapons when they are auto-equipped.

Much larger development remains in the works and will be debuting over the next couple of weeks. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Help Defend against Hostile Forces!

Help us stress-test the new server code this evening (Saturday), during the in-game event "Hostile Fleet Looming". Prizes for those who prove the most adept at fighting off the attackers. See the in-game Event system for schedule specifics and other information.

We hope to see you there!

Vendetta Online 1.8.291-292

VO 1.8.291-292 included:

- Left and Right thumb buttons of the DualShock 4 controller on
Android have been fixed to report as their proper buttons.
- Reduced network traffic for cases where the player is being damaged
with multiple weapons at the same time.
- Fixed issue with Outer Hull Plate name.
- Improved high resolution asteroid LOD popping artifacts.
- Added guild member login/out notifications.
- Fixed problem when capship owner launches from their capship directly
from controlling a turret.
- All sectors are now running the new sector code.

The new assets have been integrated a bit better on the PC, and we've made quite a few improvements to battle situations involving large numbers of players. The entire galaxy is now running the new optimized sector architecture.

Vendetta Online 1.8.290

VO 1.8.290 includes:

- Replaced some asteroid chunks with higher resolution models and textures for the Win/Mac/Linux versions. Mobile versions still use the older assets.
- Added support for Oculus Rift HD.
- Oculus Rift is no longer required to be in mirror display mode. It should now auto-detect the secondary display.
- Added code to the experimental sector code to try to identify why sectors are being randomly lost.
- Fixed a crash bug when exiting early from the offline tutorial and attempting to log in.

Server optimization work is still on-going, we'll have a big capacity-test event once that's all been solidified. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.289

VO 1.8.289 includes:

- Added more optimizations to reduce possible lag during large player battles.
- Private messages, guild, group, and vote actions no longer reveal online status for privacy reasons.

We're been doing a lot of server-side optimization, to improve performance in large battles and build towards the even more epic situations we all want to see. Thus far, we've had a lot of success, although bigger changes are in the works. This latest version includes some tweaks that are nearly a thousand times faster for very specific situations (but perhaps only twice as fast in common cases).

This is not all related to PvP performance, some of it includes the behaviour of NPCs and how well we can get them to work when scaled to really large numbers. I would like to see some terrifyingly large fleets of capships and escort-fighters.

In the meantime, we are also still debugging a rare, but persistent issue in our threaded sector code that's currently running in Grayspace. So, if you experience sudden logouts in that area of the game, please submit a ticket and let us know. We're instrumenting and debugging the hell out of it, but it's quite a sporadic issue.

Once these improvements have matured a little further, we'll run some big Events and see how it all shakes out. Thanks everyone, have a great weekend!

Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability.

Just as a quick heads-up to our player base: No Guild Software or Vendetta Online servers were exposed or vulnerable to the recent Heartbleed security compromise. All our servers make use of non-vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software, largely due to our particular choice of server platforms and (frankly) happy circumstance on our part. Thus, we have remained secure throughout this disclosure, and we were never compromised on this specific issue.

We have been tracking this issue since it first came to light, and we will be continuing to do so, while also carefully working through our own infrastructure and codebase to make sure we aren't affected by any secondary or tertiary ramifications of this vulnerability, and taking steps to mollify our own healthy paranoia. We remain vigilantly dedicated to keeping your data secure and private.

Vendetta Online 1.8.287-288

VO 1.8.288 included:

- Optimized of UI updates when mining asteroids.
- Capship energy drain now properly persists between NPC and player controlled capships.
- Capships can no longer be used to conquer stations by wedging it into the docking bay of the station when it is conquerable.
- Players are now notified if they get Temp KOS by damaging a conquerable station defense turret.
- Fixed conquerable station issue when a Temp KOS player attempts to conquer the station. The 30 secon requirement was no longer in effect after that case.
- Fixed conquerable station issue when players set it as their home station. They weren't properly respawning there and were bounced to a different station instead.
- Fixed problem when a player owned capship was destroyed when the owner was logged off and logging back in would send them to a station other than their home station.
- When a player logs in while in a station and they are not allowed to dock at that station (access key is revoked for example), the player is bounced to another station but their ship stays at the original station. The player will need to regain access to the station to get their ship back.
- Fixed disconnect error when a passenger is in a capship when it explodes.

VO 1.8.287 included:
- All grey space systems are now running the experimental threaded code. Please report any problems through support tickets.

As the final release note states, we have rolled out the new sector code to all sectors in grayspace. We'll be continuing to monitor things, and then eventually roll it out to the entire game. We're doing this in stages to make sure our fixes don't compromise other areas of game stability.

At the same time, we aren't convinced that we've fixed all hit-check related issues with these architectural change, and we're continuing to monitor and enhance things as we move forward. If you experience problems with shots not hitting, please submit a Support Ticket to let us know when/where. If you're seeing a large ping time, then that is likely to blame, but we're targeting those occasional situations where the ping times are very low, but hits are failing to register.

There will be a major next-generational enhancement to the engine rolled out soon, allowing far higher asteroid densities, which will first appear in a few sectors. In the long run, this will completely re-make the face of our galaxy, and make expansion of the universe a far easier and more interesting concept.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Vendetta Online 1.8.285-286

VO 1.8.285-286 incuded:

- Conquerable station sectors Bractus M-14, Latos I-8, and Pelatus C-12 are now running experimental code to test a solution to weapon hits sometimes not registering. Please test these sectors and report any problems through support tickets.
- The virtual mouse (when used through a gamepad controller) on mobile devices now highlights the virtual keyboard button that was selected so multiple presses of 'A' on the gamepad will repeat the same action again.

Please note the changes to the current conquerable station sectors. We've been putting a lot of development effort into tracking down and eliminating the periodic "no-hit" issues that crop up during certain types of player events. We think we have greatly improved the situation, but as the changes are quite major, we're unwilling to roll them out universe-wide without smaller "regional" testing in specific sectors. So, testing and feedback on this new implementation is both welcome and likely to result in a more rapid adoption of the new code throughout the galaxy.